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Dear Brian:

I am reaching out to you after seeing your other films on what's going on right on with respect to abuses within our legal system.  Let me please introduce you in the only way I can think of that might explain why I'm reaching out to you to connect.

Back after prohibition, alcoholism wasn't considered a disease.  Prohibition happened because people thought this was a "lack of moral fiber" or even a "lack of will power".  There was no treatment for alcoholism.  Literally 100 percent of alcoholics used to drink until they died off in some "wet farm" or sanitarium.  Even when Bill Wilson sought help with the infamous Dr. Carl Jung - he was told there was "no hope" and to "go home to die".  

It was after a woman named Marty Mann got sober that she went off to found the National Council on Alcoholism.  That program put together the research that had alcoholism declared a "disease".  

Now I want you to put into perspective that when I came onto the scene in Los Angeles in the 1980's no one believed that sex trafficking was "real".  In the 1980's in Los Angeles anyway if you were a prostitute, or even a perceived prostitute, and you tried to get help you were turned away from treatment centers, hospitals, domestic violence centers, homeless shelters, etc.  If you called the police for help they would laugh and hang up the phone on you.  If you tried to seek help for your PTSD for what you were witnessing - the mental health field would try and lock you up for "observation" because "things like that aren't real".  

Lois Lee in 1979 had opened Children of the Night for those under 18 to get help.  But what about adults?  I took a warehouse I'd used as a brothel and turned it into the first safe house in this country for adults in 1984.  An angry pimp retaliated and called the police and reported I was "running a brothel" when he couldn't get his victim back from us after he'd broken her arm and nose.  When the police banged on the door at midnight she answered in her PJ's.  So of course she was arrested for prostitution and the police tried to get her to claim I was pimping her.  We both finally convinced them the pimp was her pimp and she pressed charges on him.  The clips about this arrest are up on my site at www.hightechmadam.com

My lesson was learned and after clearing up my legal issues from this - I opened the hotline and 12 step program in 1987 of Prostitutes Anonymous.  I then started going onto major TV shows, news shows, talk shows, public access, and anything else with a camera and declared that sex trafficking was in fact real and that we needed to change our current legal system to provide help to these victims.  Because of my bringing on one survivor after another to tell our stories - the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed giving this issue federal recognition.

By the year 2001  -  our program was everywhere.  No one would allow us to have a meeting of prostitutes on their property because prostitution is still a crime.  Therefore it would be considered a meeting of "criminals" and some states even called that possibly a "conspiracy".  The only places we could find to hold meetings were on the grounds of the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities.  Which it worked for us for some time.  We would get referrals from the courts, and then also from their shelters.  We'd get our recovering members from the local area who would then come down to work with the "newcomers".  

We became a part of the whole recovery system.  We had set up alternative sentencing programs in Los Angeles, California and Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Many of our members went on to form their own programs - such as Kathleen Mitchell who formed Dignity in Arizona and Brenda Myers-Powell in Chicago to name only two who have gone public about their status with us.   By 2001, we had a chapter of SWA (we changed our name to Sex Workers Anonymous in 1995), in every major city of the USA.

After the passing of the Telecommunications Act of 1995 - we lost all of our public service announcements and our public access TV and radio programs.  I didn't think much about it at the time because our meetings seemed to be going so strong.  But then out of nowhere, Polaris pops up in 2002 and starts this "Trafficking Hotline".  Okay I figured "great - I could use some help with the trafficking calls" and set about to make contact with them only to be rebuffed.  

Which didn't make sense to me.  Now our hotline had been operating since 1987 and we did not share information on our members or callers to our hotline with law enforcement in any way.  That's how we got people within the sex industry such as the owners of the Erotic Review to name just one to trust us enough to call us when they had a referral from someone who needed help to get away from a pimp or trafficker to call us for help.  But these guys were suddenly going on TV making the statements basically that "all prostitution was rape" and that "all are victims of sex trafficking".  When we would contact producers to try and get a counter-opinion aired to what we were seeing going out in the air about this subject  - we kept finding for the first time total distortions. But they couldn't get any actual sex workers or victims to stand up with them - so they were looking pretty stupid. Next thing I know Randall Tobias comes in and passes the TVRA of 2003.  This essentially said that no one could get any federal assistance unless they signed an agreement that stated they were "against the sex industry".  As a 12 step program we "have no opinion on outside issues" but we also don't accept federal funding so we felt this wouldn't affect us.  

Didn't sweat it until President Bush comes in and further adds the condition that one can't get federal funding EXCEPT through a "faith based program".  I couldn't believe what I was reading.  I mean aren't we based on a separation of church and  state right?  I'm scratching my head wondering what on earth this means.  I soon found out when every Salvation Army and Catholic Charity goes and bans not only our meetings from their property, but further bans us from speaking to our own sponsees, and then goes and fires anyone who is a SWA member from their staff who is working with prostitutes.   One swoop.

Suddenly my phone is ringing off the hook across this country from hookers asking me "what are we going to do for a meeting hall"?  To make matters more complicated - I'm being told that the police are now told they can't refer prostitutes to us or be fired.  The same goes for social workers, probation officers, and even those working in the mental health fields. 

Now if we weren't effective - I'd understand.  But if you read Sharon Oselin's 10 year research project "Leaving Prostitution" you'd see the only program that was successful was the one who incorporated our program.  In fact, the quotes from the women stated that what made the difference for them was our program!  I have testimonials up at www.leavingtheliferadio.com so what is going on?  

Jeane Palfrey tried to help.  She tried to expose that Randall Tobias, who wrote this  TVRA of 2003, was involved with sex trafficking and our own government.  She was mutdered before she could explain herself in more detail why she revealed his name along with David Vitter's before her death.  A death that came before the ethic's hearing mind you which would have flipped this on it's ear.  She didn't reveal Tobias' name because he was a "john" but because she was trying to reveal how she, and women like Brandy Britton, who had also been found hung in her home also without a suicide note before she could go to trial and spill the beans about what she knew, were trafficking victims themselves.  Victims of trafficking at the hands of men who worked within our own government mind you.  

I couldn't understand what was happening and the stress honestly led to me having a stroke. So a few years there are a blur after the stroke.  I started to get back on my feet.  Then I was contacted by Melissa Farley.  She told me the State Dept. needed to "verify that sex trafficking existed in Nevada and also within legal sex industries such as porn, the strip clubs and the legal brothels".  I was promised the moon if I provided her with survivors who would validate these points and validate them with the press.

I agreed.  A gathering of members of SWA was put together in a press conference to release her findings in 2007.   Literally as I was mike'd up and the lights were on us and we were surrounded by reporters - Melissa came to me and asked me if I'd agree to say such and such.

 Well I wasn't going to say such lies.  The sex industry is an industry like any other.  An industry within which sex trafficking does exist.  However, pimping and trafficking are different.  Pimping is done by pimps.  Trafficking is done by criminal rings who can't operate without men in our government looking the other way.   These victims can't go to the police for help because the police are often working for the traffickers. Meaning the hotlines, programs and safe houses for them have to be set up in such a way as to protect them from these types of men.  Let me give you an example based on the case that came out in the news about the strip club in NJ owned by DEA agents who not only were active DEA agents - but also who were partying down in Columbia with the drug cartel.   Agents who were bringing back illegal aliens from Columbia to work in their club.  Dancers which couldn't call local police for help because what would happen?  They'd be deported back to the Columbia the drug cartel basically owns - that is if they're family were still alive by the time they were returned.  

These types of victims need a place to go where even those DEA agents and not one of their buddies can get access to them, access to information on them, or control over anything to do with those victims.   There needs to be a system where dancers like those at that club, or victims of men like Chris Butler, or Kemp Schiffer, or witnesses like Margo Compton, can come forward to find help without finding them and their children savagely murdered because the system they turned to didn't know how to properly protect them.  So no these types of victims aren't going to need the same kinds of programs that the average "street walking junkie prostitute" needs  in order to get off the streets.  There needs to be two totally different systems for these victims depending on their unique situations - there is no "one size fits all" here and in either case the police officers need the same specialized training in dealing with this community as they do when dealing with domestic violence, rape, and even child abuse - all evolutions that have had to be incorporated into the criminal justice system as our knowledge has evolved.  

You can't look at a case like Suzy Favor-Hamilton and call her a "rape victim" without having her completely start laughing her ass off at you and then wonder what you're smoking.  This was a famous Olympic runner who was risking millions of dollars in product endorsements, her family, custody of her child, all to fly to Vegas to turn $600 an hour tricks.  She wasn't doing this because some pimp was forcing her, to support a drug habit, or because someone had "brainwashed" her into doing this against her will.  She talks about her story in her book "Fast Girl" that she had serious mental health issues that needed to be addressed in order for her to effectively leave the sex industry.  

So I refused.  I told Melissa I would not lie to the world and say that "all sex workers were rape victims".  To do so would mean I know absolutely nothing about what it takes to get men and women out of the sex industry.  And let me tell you - when I launched our hotline which was the first in this country for all adults who were coming from any part of the sex industry, anywhere in the country, whether it was legal or illegal, whether they were on drugs or not using drugs, and to be able to respond to every caller's need from where they were at to get them from point a of being in the sex industry to point b of being out of the sex industry - no matter what their situation entailed - and to have answered over 500,000 calls to our hotline over these years - has taught me a lot about what it takes to help these men and women get out, and stay out, of the sex industry.  If other programs that existed had been working in the 1980's - I can assure you I would not have taken on the task for doing it ourselves.  I would instead gladly have turned the work over to them. But the reality was when I was surveying existing programs in the 1980's with respect to social services, faith based programs, drug treatment programs, and the mental health field - the ability to successfully work with those coming out of the sex industry effectively didn't exist elsewhere.  

We saw how they were being abused by the faith based programs they'd turn to for help.  Here's one case in point - http://rhrealitycheck.org/article/2012/02/21/dark-side-mercy-ministries/  We could have told you this was coming.  You know why?  It's very simple - anyone who wants to help an alcoholic get sobers sends them to AA.  To get an addict clean to NA.  Anyone who is working with prostitutes but is shutting out SWA - there's a problem.  We had heard of women from this ministry going out into strip clubs doing "outreach".  So we contacted this outreach team and asked them to be included in their training's.  They refused.  I asked them what they were doing when someone said they wanted help.  They said they would put them into this "safe house".  Okay well what about those who didn't want to enter the safe house?  Nothing.  Okay well how about those you aren't putting into your house getting our contact information so we can help them - and we got nothing.  

Looking into the site for the "safe house" we found an adoption application right on the website.  I'm sorry but during the first year of recovery when someone is going through often  their first year of sobriety, their first year out of the sex industry, and also having all the pregnancy hormones to deal with on top of things - anyone who knows anything about these women and this field would tell you that you do not make any "major decisions during that first year".  Being asked to give up your baby for adoption is a pretty serious major life decision.  So we felt it was important to speak to their therapists and ask them why they would advise someone to make such an important decision during their first year considering these circumstances.  I mean anyone could see that as the hormones leveled out, they got more clean time under their belt, then got on their own two feet it was going to be very easy to start feeling like one had just made a "bad long term life decision".  That was when I was told their counseling for the women in their program were "pastoral counselors" meaning no legitimate mental health training.  In California one can take about 16 hours of pastoral training and become a "pastoral counselor" so that essentially means nothing other than you can say "they had counseling".  So we were not surprised to read about this coming to light years later. 

Why did we bother to check them out? We get calls into our hotline every day from people needing this or something else.  We don't give out a referral unless we've checked them out for reasons like this and for reasons like http://www.laweekly.com/news/a-drug-rehab-mogul-built-an-empire-that-s-now-being-probed-by-the-fbi-da-and-state-of-california-6390686  When Chris first started opening his programs - I contacted him and offered to provide his staff with training on how to work with men and women coming out of the sex industry and how they have a difficult time finding sobriety without addressing these issues head on.  That is clearly illustrated by the death of Julie Hluchota - who died because she wasn't receiving the proper care for her disease because Chris was too busy thinking about making her his personal prostitute.  

Preying upon prostitutes in recovery is very common - both the male and female clients.  Over the years I've heard 1000's of stories of sex workers being assaulted by staff, and other clients, in back rooms, kitchens, in their rooms at night, even when called into the office for supposedly "private counseling".  Then when confronted they all say the same thing in defense "why would you believe the word of a prostitute?"  Which is why believe it or not I've become a bit of an expert in identifying when someone is truly making up a false claim to try and extort money or free shelter out of a program for example, and when truly there is a system of abuse going on.  For one thing - when there is a system of abuse going on by someone on the staff and the people upstairs know about it - they don't let me bring in a staff training on how to work with this community as Chris refused.  They further refuse to let me bring in panels to speak to the clients about Sex Workers Anonymous - also as Chris did.  The fact that the system was set up so that if you did complain about abuse - then you'd wind up out of a job and/or homeless as well as rejected by your social network is also another sign that this is a system of abuse that's been created - not a system of recovery.  So when we were refused to even post flyers for our program which was older than theirs on their bulletin boards even - that's when I knew there was abuses going on within this program.  

Pedophiles do what?  They look for jobs where they can get access to children.  Jobs where they're being held in respect so accusations against them are often ignored.  Jobs like coaches, or priests, or teachers.  Guess what sex addicts do?  They look for jobs where they can get private access and have control over their drug of choice - prostitutes.  While there are systems set in place to try and block pedophiles from getting access to our children - we currently have nothing in place to stop these types of abuses from ongoing in the very field where prostitutes are coming in seeking help and are therefore vulnerable.  Name me one prostitute who has sued for rape or sexual harassment and won in this country - ever - anywhere.

Can they call the police for help?  Sex workers know this isn't the case except in rare circumstances.  http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/dec/08/the-county-kern-county-california-sexual-assault-secret-payoffs  This talks about abuse so normal in Kern County that one woman was offered $200 and a bag of chips to agree to a worthless waiver to try and buy her silence.  I'd like to add that I also tried to bring a SWA meeting into the Kern County jail in 2013 and got nothing bu the runaround.  I'd run meetings in the Kern County jail in the late 1980's and it was successful.  So when I got rebuffed here - I knew we had a problem.  

We used to be allowed to be involved in family court.  When women are leaving their pimps who are the father of their children - they are going through difficult custody issues.  Especially when they try to leave him and he then tries to file kidnapping charges.  These women often don't know how to defend themselves in court, answer legal papers, nor have the money to hire attorney's without prostitution which can get them arrested and then cost them custody entirely of their children.  Therefore, to help them I have been going into family court donating my paralegal assistance, along with whatever attorney's I can get to also assist by donating help on each case.  So from 1995 when I moved to Nevada up until 2007 - I was a regular in the different courts of Clark County.  However, suddenly I found SWA shut out.  Everyone was told if they so much as even spoke to us - they'd be fired.

We couldn't understand because our members were doing very well in their sobriety and recovery process why we were hearing from guards, probation officers, attorney's, social workers, that they were being threatened with being fired if they so much as even spoke to us.  Asking around to have people tell us "off the record" what was going on -  few people told us "they got cops trying to cover their asses around here". 

 When I read this - http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/las-vegas/nevada-oks-200000-settlement-marshal-groping-case I knew what they meant by that.   This is only the cases we're reading about that made it to court about the types of abuses that were going on by men in these family courts - many of who were so afraid if they made any type of complaint - it could cost them custody of their children.

So you know what?  In 2002 when I hear that Polaris is opening up a "hotline for trafficking victims to call for help" - I'm tired of operating the only hotline that such adult victims can call for help when being trafficked so I'm thinking at first "great - I'm going to get some help around here".  Wrong.  

Jeane Palfrey was a trafficking victim.  Only could she call the National Trafficking Hotline for help who would then basically refer her to a task force that's essentially local law enforcement, along with the local homeless shelter?  If you look at the "task forces" being created around the country with millions of dollars of taxpayer money - you'll find they are generally headed up by the local Chief of Police, with a connection to the local homeless shelter, and a local Christian church.  The general m/o is to put the victim who calls into the local homeless or domestic violence shelter.

Now I ask you - how was this going to help Jeane with her situation?  She stepped up to say she was being trafficked by men in our government such as Randall Tobias.  Her story to the press was that men like Randall, and other men connected with the FBI, CIA, and our government essentially would ask her to send in her escorts to see clients they would ask her to in order to pump for information they wanted, or even to create dirt on someone.  They would then meet with her to obtain the information they wanted back from her and then tell her what they wanted her to do next.  She was being forced and also so were the women under her being forced.  When she wanted to quit and tried to flee to Germany - she reports that's when they came and arrested her and then pushed on her to continue working for them.  This is the same story we saw with Alex Adams, myself, Heidi Fleiss, Kristin Davis, Cheri Woods, Chuck Barris, and basically other people I've known to have this happen to them.  

Where is she going to run from men like Randall Tobias and be safe?  The local homeless shelter?  Not likely.  So she fought her case in order to keep her evidence like her black book  matter of public record so it couldn't be silenced.  How is she going to prove she even knows Randall let alone her story without establishing they even know each other first?  

But when she released her black book to ABC at first they denied any "names of substance" were in the book.  We had given backups to The Smoking Gun.  They went "not so fast" and revealed Tobias and Vitter's name.  Then ABC had no choice but to back down.  Ethics hearings were set up but then she was found dead.  I believed it was murder and had emails from her daily between us going back two years which would have proved in my opinion it was murder had I been given access to someone in major media safely during the time shortly after her death to go over the emails between us and to explain the distortions that were being played up by the media.  

For example, yes she created a Will in the case of her death.  She had reason to believe she was going to be murdered.  Brandy Britton had been found hung in her living room with no note.  The New Orleans Madam who had supplied prostitutes to Vitter had been found hung in her jail cell with no note.  So yes fearing she would be murdered she did create a Will.  However, that was because she was afraid she'd be murdered - not because she was preparing for her death as the media was implying.  Again, had I been able to show the emails from her to me explaining this - it might have looked a totally different way to the public.  

Her death was being called "suicide" before the body was cold and no toxicology report was done.  I contacted the lead detective and told him I wanted to see that report, and I wanted to see that shed dusted for prints where she was found, and I further wanted him to look at the emails between her and I and to do a proper murder investigation or I'd go on some major media with her emails and I'd prove she wasn't a suicide case.  I then contacted Geraldo's producer who said they'd put me on TV that week.

Next thing I know - I have five cops and a drug dog at my house with a bogus warrant.  They were accusing me of "impersonating myself".  I had purchased a food delivery a few days before and paid for it with my debit card.  The police had contacted the owner, and even thought I'd paid the bill had the owner sign charges that he believed my card wasn't used by me and that I was "impersonating myself".  The cops then showed up at my house and demanded all of my checks, my debit cards, all of my banking information, and after essentially taking any method I had of taking money out of my bank they then proceeded to toss my apartment for hours clearly looking for something to arrest me on.When they found nothing - they then contacted CPS.  They told them my "home was unfit for a child to live in" and demanded my child be removed".  I was lucky that CPS said "give her four hours to clean the house" or I would have lost my kid.  When that failed - they went to my landlord and demanded he throw me out for "damaging his unit".  When he refused they threatened to cite him for building violations.  Then they tried to get the landlord to sign out a complaint i had stolen from him.  When he refused - I could see the writing on the wall here and moved across town.  One of the cops showed up at the apartment and then asked to be let in.  I knew better from my days with LAPD trying to plant drugs on me and refused.  The cop then threatened me with "I'll be back".  I know what that meant and I took my kid and went underground for about a year until things calmed down.  I didn't have time to go onto any news shows right after her death to discuss Jeane's deaths or the emails between her and I because I basically had cops coming after me with bogus warrants and trying to take my kid and threatening my landlord  - so to protect my child I was busy packing and moving not thinking about talk shows.

I got a very strange call from John Quinones back then while I was "living off the grid" because of police harassment that kept up on me until Montgomery Sibley, her attorney, published a book saying he thought it was "suicide".  When I asked Montgomery why he would say that - he said he "wanted to move on with his life".  These people had disbarred him and chased him down to Florida.  He asked me if the harassment had stopped after he released the book.  I had to admit it had.  

It was during this time that I was renting a room from someone so no utilities would show up anywhere in my name that I got a call from John Quinones.  He's not only a reputable reporter with ABC, but also a friend of Geraldo's.  He asked to come do an "independent investigation" into SWA. I trusted he would be honest and gave him an open access.  I met with him in my home and allowed him to see everything about how we operate and also to meet with members.  I had some members scared I should grant him an interview afraid we'd be falsely smeared.  I told them John was a "reputable reporter and would write the truth" so I surrendered and provided him whatever he asked for from me.  He wrote a glowing report and told me Oprah had promised him his book would be in her reading club.  Only what I saw was both Geraldo and John pretty much got "spanked" for supporting our work.  The book got buried.   John pretty much didn't do any TV for about TV years after releasing that book.  He's honest alright and he paid for it. Granted not as dearly as the people in the documentary you were all involved with - but he paid.  

So did Geraldo who was also moved to a much less visible time slot after this also.  His producers no longer return my calls by the way.  This is a big deal because basically his shows helped us launch this movement in the first place.  When no one else would put our stories about sex trafficking on the air - Geraldo did.  Strange though how I can't seem to get his archivist to answer any of my calls about where those tapes are now.  We did three appearances on Geraldo all promoting not only Prostitutes Anonymous, but talking about sex trafficking, and calling out for this country to "do something to help" these poor victims.  

These are all the reasons why I told Melissa "no".  Jeane Palfrey had given her life to try and show the world what real sex trafficking was - and it wasn't that she was a "rape victim".  After I refused to say "all prostitutes are rape victims" and make myself into a laughing stock - we continued on with the press conference in 2007.  Or so I thought.  What happened was Melissa Farley took those reporters out into the hallway and told them what she wanted them to hear supposedly from me even though I had told her these weren't my views. 

 When I read the news the next morning and realized what she'd done - I broke all ties to Melissa and issued a formal announcement that we were not trying to "outlaw the sex industry" because the industry was not the problem.  The traffickers and those within law enforcement who are taking bribes from the traffickers are part of the problem here and we aren't going to stop this by outlawing sex work.   Rape is illegal and it doesn't stop it from happening.  

Well that took off a whole other backlash against us.  When we put out the word that Melissa Farley and her crew couldn't be trusted and not to work with them on public interviews - they couldn't get any real prostitutes to spout their lies.  So what did they do?  Start creating fakes ones. First came Stella Marr.  That's when members of SWOP and myself exposed her as a fake person.  She didn't even exist - a complete "catfish" created by Melissa Farley.  

So what did they do next?  Go and create Samoly Mam. She was a real person - but one they got to tell a fake story.  After she exposed and then what?  More fake victims testifying at Congress like Wilthelma Ortiz Pettigrw.  Another complete "catfish" story.  They even create completely bogus so called "rescue" shows like "8 Minutes" where a man supposedly calls up prostitutes to his hotel room where he offers them "help in 8 minutes" to leave the sex industry.  Only that show was completely staged and scripted as well.  

I no more than expose one fake survivor and one fake "rescue" and another one comes down the pike.  Why?  Real simple.  Millions of dollars are being funneled into completely bogus programs that sure don't have any real trafficking survivors on them that's for sure.  And these people are masters of the media.  I mean if you look at the rise of Samoly Mam - you see the same people, the same publications, even some of the same reporters even, that are used to build up this Wilthema Ortiz Pettigrew who testifies to Congress alright supposedly as a "trafficking victim" only the things she's saying are not the things the real survivors I'm talking to over here at SWA would like to have put on the record at Congress.  Were we invited?  Nope.  

I've contacted her profile and get no answer.  I've contracted the school she supposedly attends and she's never been registered there.  The job she supposedly works at doesn't exist either.  I find it interesting that our members nominated me for the Top 100 People of Time and she wins.  I guess it was because the Ricky Martin Foundation nominated her - not survivors.  Only for the life of me - I can't find her "accomplishments" anywhere of what she "influenced".  I mean I created the movement she's testifying about that didn't exist prior to me stepping onto that first stage in 1987 and calling out for there to be a change when people didn't even believe sex trafficking existed anymore, that it was an "urban myth", and she's nominated for something in the field I created out of nothing.  Go figure.    

What about REAL victims?  Good question.  I sure as hell can't get anyone to talk to us about real cases because they involve cases against law enforcement.  Now in the past - I could go to the media and put pressure on them to do something like in the Chris Butler case.  We got one of his investigators to go to the media - got it exposed - and Chris and another officer gets arrested.  

But again in 2007 is when things changed.  If you look at Operation Dollhouse - we exposed the two cops in the massage parlor to the media and yet nothing was done. Nothing.  

They know we go to the media and right now I've got reporters at most media telling me that they've been told if they even attempt to print our name - they'll be fired.  After what I witnessed with the cancellation of "8 Minutes" I believe that to be true.  The show was canceled after we slapped them with a "notice of intent to sue" them for defamation and fraud.  Four hours after we served them with the notice - the website was taken down.  Eight hours later - they announced the show was canceled.  Only no one in the media would speak to us about the legal notice.  When they put together the "Truth about 8 Minutes" we were blocked from even talking to the show's guests on social media.

Why?  Because then all these people getting millions of dollars to be actually doing something to help these victims would have to acknowledge we exist.  If they did this - then they'd have to actually do something.  Right now Los Angeles county has received three grants totaling over $10 million dollars to help these men and women.  What's happening?  Nothing.  A woman got arrested for prostitution recently.  She was given a ticket and sent home.  She wasn't asked if she needed help.  She wasn't tested for HIV/AIDS.  She wasn't offered our phone number, or anyone's for that matter.  She was then given a court date where she'll probably be sentenced to jail time instead of being allowed to attend our meetings which one can attend under the current laws that allow thus for the alcoholic in AA and the addict in NA. 

There was a law passed requiring that signs with the National Trafficking Hotline SB1193 be posted in most adult businesses in California.  There is a fine if you don't have these signs posted.  SWA members went into random massage parlors, strip clubs, adult stores, and adult porn performing modeling agencies in Los Angeles - none of who had these signs posted.  When we asked them about the signs they had no idea what we were talking about.  We then went into countless go-arounds with everyone who was involved with a very heavy media campaign about their "outreach campaigns" connected to this sign project only we couldn't get a straight answer as to who we call to issue the ticket if they don't have the sign posted.  When we started to go out and talk to business owners - we had a "5150 campaign" started against us as a counter-campaign.  Meaning if we went in pushing to have the signs posted - they were threatening to have our members carted off for psychiatric evaluation.  This was happening right as we heard about Sandra Bland's death and I told my members - this isn't worth me hearing about someone winding up dead in some hospital somewhere so I told our members we were going to hold off on pushing for the signs to be posted right now.  At least until we could get some kind of police support.  

Why are they so desperate to make sure no prostitute comes to us for help?  Because they can't access our records.  If you read in the Guardian - you'll see a lot of guards in Kern County are being sued for sexually abusing women.  Guards who want to know where these victims are at all times, and want to be able to access any of their records through mental health programs, or by informants.  Yes we were also asked if we wanted to be paid informants on our members.  Our answer was to refuse.

Right now by keeping these victims under the thumb of people in the "system" meaning social workers, foster care workers, probation officers, mental health workers, drug counselors, etc., then guess what?  Those are all people whose jobs you can threaten if you're doing something messed up and you want to make sure no one files any charges against you like how Jeane had tried to do against Randall Tobias and David Vitter.

We are the ones they can't threaten.  They can't threaten our funding as we don't take federal grants.  They can't threaten our jobs as we're not paid to do this work.  So what are they doing?  Everything within their power to try and make sure that sex workers don't reach out to us for help.

They're so desperate to uncover who is coming to our program - they set up this site at www.sexworkersanonymous.org that's complete fabrications. It took us a while to figure out what that was about and then we did figure it out.  Anyone new thinking about contacting us goes to that website first. Meaning they capture their IP address of whoever is coming onto our site this way.  We won't release the information so they can capture it this way.  Very very clever.

Only now I think they're expanding into murder.  I had started a campaign with mothers of missing trafficking victims after speaking to undercover officers who told me they had seen women they knew to be missing trafficking victims out in the field but they weren't bringing these victims in to safety because it would compromise their undercover work.  To do that?  Bust drug dealers.  Well I'm sorry but I think that's a value call.  I think it's a value call to say a drug bust means more than the lives of these women.

Meaning that when men like Peter Todd murder three women as a pimp and he's made an informant so he doesn't have to answer to these crimes - I don't think that's good enough.  I think the deaths of at least three women I"m aware of is enough reason to have Peter Todd held accountable.  So I started organizing a campaigning for the mothers of these victims to start making some noise.  The mothers of the Grim Reaper did and after 25 years they finally got results. btu they made noise. 

So I had started talking to the mothers of the dead prostitutes who suddenly are being attributed to Neal Falls.  Neal Falls has no history of violence.  His "20 contacts with police" were traffic violations and one was about a dog.  The tools found in his car?   Where are the receipts showing he bought them?  Where are the fingerprints on the weapons?  For all we know - Heather could have murdered him and then been instructed how to make it appear to be a serial killer by someone.  What serial killer targeting prostitutes lives in his car?  Where are the reports from ex-girlfriend's about abuse?  Where is his mental health history?  Did the deaths stop in Nevada after he left?  No.  Did deaths start in WV when he arrived?  No.

The police in Chicago said there was "no evidence" linking him to any of these women.  I find nothing about any evidence found in his car linking him to any of these cases.  Heather didn't call from inside the house - she went outside to call from a neighbor's house.  A neighbor's house where she could have been outside planting that evidence in his car for all we know.

Peter Todd, Jessie Foster's pimp, I believe murdered her.  I also find it very strange that not one month after I started talking to Jessie's mother about how Metro wouldn't examine any of the evidence I had in his case.  I say that because I've now had three other women fleeing him come to me with information on him.   Information I've taken to Metro and they'd not only refuse to look at this information as I was given it. In fact, when I pushed I was threatened again to "back off".  Now I have people going "oh they caught that guy" only no they didn't.

This was a homeless guy clearly who gets shot in the head and a bunch of tools thrown into his car and the media is called and suddenly he's a "serial killer".  I've studied serial killers targeting prostitutes most of my life and this guy just doesn't fit the bill.  Where's his souvenirs?  What serial killer targeting prostitutes lives in his car but goes into a home to get access to a prostitute?  None of this makes any sense and just doesn't compute.

Especially when our hotline got a call from someone saying that he was in fact set up to be a "patsy".  Now I'm supposed to turn over evidence in murder cases so I contacted Steve Cooper and let him know I'd received a series of text messages claiming that not only was Neal Falls murdered, but that now Heather could be in mortal danger because she knows the truth about this case.  Where's Heather?  No one will give me a straight answer.   But when I tell Lt. Cooper I have this information and if he wants to see it to contact me - why am I not hearing from him?
Oh I'm pooping out here from trying to convey what's been happening over 30 years of this movement lately and well - bottom line - the movement has been hijacked.  Even the author of the Trafficking Act, Michael Horowitz, has said this.   It's been hijacked and this is a repeat of Iran Contra - the very reasons why I started this movement in the first place.  A movement which I've now watched them try and create whole documentaries trying to make it appear that Brenda Myers-Powell is our founder - not myself.  Why?  Because they can get her to say things I won't that's why.  This is the modern "catfish" age.  Can't get the founder of Prostitutes Anonymous to say what you want her to say?   Film three documentaries by someone else appearing to be the founder who does.  Now to shut these films down I"m left with having to sue them for copyright and trademark infringement. 

I need to have someone who knows media come look at what I'm seeing and help me figure out how to tell people what's going on and why this affects them.  I'll tell you why - if I'm seeing media faked about myself - what else is being faked?  

Your documentary is showing ordinary legit citizens being set up for being whistle blowers.  Can you imagine what's happening to prostitutes?  Well Jeane Palfrey is one example.  Do you know there's three dead prostitutes hung behind David Vitter?  I once joked that I wondered when they'd start finding hanging victims in Arizona with him down there. I stopped laughing when I saw an officer accused of corruption found hung in his living room.  
Right now anyone who even tries to open a chapter of SWA is threatened.  I mean anywhere - NY, Florida, Texas, Arizona, etc.  It's insane. I didn't even believe it myself when I realized this was happening so I started a few meetings that were really me just trying to see what would happen - and sure enough the threats started coming out.  For the last 8 months these people have also tried weekly to send in some new "bogus" member to try and get access to the rest of our members.  To protect everyone's anonymity - I've had to basically shut our program down to new members.

When NA went through something like this - they created IMPACT.  I'm about at that point!

OKay I'm pooping out from trying to relay to you what's going on with us right now and also over the last 30 years.  I've enclosed some other information on us. If you're interested in finding out more and helping us figure out how to warn others about what's going on right now-= then give me a call any day after noon. Thanks!

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