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Friday, December 25, 2015


For years - I was complaining about the fact that I was taking information on sex trafficking that was going on within Clark County to Chief Gillispie - and at first we were getting stone-walled. The last straw came when I have gathered together information on how a sex trafficking operation was using police cars to transport drugs guns, stolen auto parts, and also women who were victims of sex trafficking, into Nevada in these police cars which would not be stopped to be searched.  If they were in fact stopped - everything inside was labeled as "evidence".  When I went to the Chief with names, addresses, photos, witnesses, and victims willing to testify against this operation - within 24 hours every single house that was being used by this trafficking ring was cleared out from top to bottom and even cleaned out with bleach as a cherry on top.

Realizing that we weren't going to get any assistance from the Chief of Police, and already being told that "hell would freeze over" before our name would be printed in the Review Journal, we got ahold of a friend who is a reputable reporter who arranged a "ride along" with the police on the same day I knew this operation was going to be making a police drop.  The reporter than pushed on the police to "make a raid" and this surprise raid became "Operation Dollhouse".  There were 24 woman found in a house with mattresses on the floor, baggies of drugs, cash, and two police officers.  This operation would only bring in Asian businessmen from the airport who would get into cabs where the driver would then ask to see their ticket stubs and baggage claims.  Once the customer passed "inspection" he was then taken to the brothels.  The law states these women were to be taken down into custody and held for ICE to question them as to their the status of their VISA.  They were taken to the Salvation Army, not questioned by any translator, and then released back to the custody of their pimps.   I know because Terri Miller, director of ATLAS, and I arrived 20 minutes after we heard the news of the arrest and by the time we reached the SA they had already been released.  We were falsely lied to by Metro and told that "no records were taken of the womens' identities".

Yes it later came out the cab company was corrupt.  Yes Chief Gillispie later stepped down because of corruption charges.  Yes the DA David Shubert died of a drug overdose before all his misdeeds became public.  Terri Miller, who refused to listen to ANY of my advice, nor speak to one single victim I brought her to speak to - later had to report that for $870,000 she had not found one single sex trafficking victim in all of Nevada.  Not even in Las Vegas which is considered to be one of the largest hubs of sex trafficking in this country because of how the legal brothels will take a license application from a girl who is only 16 years of age.

Pedophiles target jobs where they can get access to children.  Guess what sex addicts and sex traffickers do?  Get jobs where they can get access to prostitutes such as marshals, cops, guards, etc.  Up until 2007 - we used to be a regular person down at the courts as a paralegal advocate for sex workers who couldn't afford attorney's and had to do things like fight for custody of their kids - and also to ask judges to offer "alternative sentencing" to prostitutes to attend our meetings instead of jail.

Suddenly, we find we're being completely shut out of the system.  Then Mayor Oscar Goodman tells every Metro officer that if they even so much as "speak" to anyone in SWA - they'll be fired.  The same for anyone who is a social worker, a probation officer, in the FBI office, etc.  Why?  Well first of all it was because he was trying to put a legal brothel where the Mob Museum now sits.

Only one of the children of one of those officers happened to be Andrea Swanson's daughter.  Who when she got pimped - we have now Andrea Swanson all over the news talking about how her daughter was trafficked in Nevada.  Something that frankly had we been allowed to "speak" to those who work within Clark County like her father did/does - we might have not only been able to provide him with enough warning to be able to keep her out of that situation she got into entirely, but we might have even been able to get her out of there before it turned into the whole media circus it did with the world watching her talking about what happened to her daughter in Nevada.

Before Judge Voy took over Courtroom 12 - teens who were charged with prostitution were either flown off to Children of the Night in California completely without Nevada having to pay one dime for any of this care.  Successful care as I watched those girls graduate, get married, have kids, go to college, etc. over the years.  Those not sent to CON - came into our program for help.  Help they also received and we have quite a few members who are in recovery today who came to us years ago for help while they were still minors.  Help they couldn't get from their mothers because they're mother's were being pimped by their fathers who then turned on them once they turned about 11 or 12 years of age.  So we were having to fight their parents to get them recovery in many cases.

Which we were doing fine until Judge Voy decided he wanted $2 million dollars to create a 14 bed residential program which is less beds than clients he sees in one day I'd like to add.  To generate public support for his plan - he stops letting teen prostitutes go to CON or SWA.  Instead he starts sending them to Caliente where he then parades them around for the media - while he calls out for the donations he wants to set up this residential program.  He got Annie Lombert from Hookers for Jesus to support his plan because she was also fund raising for Pastor Benny Perez who raised over $1,000,000 for "Destiny House" and then filed bankruptcy.  It was only after I went to the producers of "Saved on the Strip" to show them there was no house that had opened and that Annie was doing outreach to put these women essentially who knows where that Bravo decided to take the show down after only one episode aired.  Yes I understand some kind of program has been opened now for adult women - but that was only to avoid a lot of legal issues on Benny Perez's part which he couldn't avoid Annie since she married one of his relatives.

I have no idea what's going on with the so called teen program of "Purple Wings".  It's probably money laundering like a lot of other programs I've been seeing around Nevada that claim they're helping victims - but if one actually calls them and asks for help suddenly no one answers the phone.  Or they never get what's promised.  Awaken Reno promised one of our members, Aubrey, free counseling which she never received.  I'm always hearing about their training's for "outreach work" but then I never hear anyone hitting the streets doing outreach.

I know that I repeatedly tried contacting Ms. Pascoe when she was head of the Southern Nevada Sex Trafficking Task Force to report to her calls we were getting about sex trafficking, including that of minors.  We'd never get a return call and have to go and get some help to the victims, and the kids, ourselves.  We'd also try and get Lt. Karen Hughes to come help us on the calls involving minors - but she'd also not respond to our calls or emails.  When I complained to Internal Affairs about not only her lack of response when I was asking for help with cases involving minors - but also over the fact I was having other police officers tell me if they so much as even mentioned my or SWA's name in any way, or if they tried to even so much as give a prostitute our phone number - they were seeing officers being "run right off the force" in their words for some reason I didn't understand - I wasn't contacted back by Internal Affairs until after she took another job and then only to be told she had "left and therefore no investigation would be done".  Well that didn't answer any of my questions about the other officers our victims have been talking about that I told Internal Affairs about who refused to again respond to my requests to speak to them about these officers.

I've tried speaking to the Attorney General, Catherine Masto-Cortez - who I feel has lied to the media.  During AB67 - a member of SWA read her a letter written on behalf of multiple Nevada sex trafficking victims in objection to AB67.  She then told this member, Aubrey, that she would "take action" about the points in the letter where we gave suggestions about what would help reduce sex trafficking in Nevada.  She not only never did respond further to this letter, but she then told the media there was "no objection" to AB67 which was not true.  That letter was written by over 100 survivors of Nevada sex trafficking who did not want to appear and show their face on camera to protect their new lives.

Congo Justice also reported falsely to the media there was "no objection" even though we had told them we objected to AB67. Congo Justice has supposedly received a federal grant to have a meeting in October of 2015 to ring in the new leader of the task force.  A meeting we'd like to attend so that resources could actually go to victims this time around.  In 2007 - not one victim was helped for over $870,000.  The last grant I heard about netted Metro, Shade Tree and the Salvation Army money to help sex trafficking victims.  Yet when I called each of these offices with victims needing assistance of one kind of other I was rebuffed and had to help these victims out of my own pocket.  I'm sorry but I don't think it's right someone else is cashing in the money here - while I'm the one providing direct services to victims in Nevada since before any of these people even came on the field number one.  Number two - I don't think it's right to be putting teens in the Caliente jail when they could be in a very nice program in California simply so the judge can pull on the public's heart strings to get his two million bucks.  Okay he's had a couple of years, he's got some land donated - now where's his program?  I assure you he could have Disneyland available for these women/girls and if they aren't going to get the help they need - they're just going to bolt.

Especially when they're being put in unlicensed programs, and being abused by guards.  I understand your office has now had to write out a couple of damage checks for about $170,000 and $220,000 for officers who don't know how to keep their hands to themselves.  When we were going into these courtrooms with our "sponsees" sitting next to us - these kinds of abuses didn't happen.  Which is why you get guards coming up with all kinds of excuses to get rid of the bodyguards over the victims they want to be alone with so they can be alone with them - and then the state has to write out more checks.

No offense Mr. Sandoval - but before the issue of sex trafficking even got federal recognition in the year 2000 we had moved to Nevada to help sex trafficking victims in Nevada brothels when not only was there no money in this work but we were dodging death threats by the like's of Joe Conforte on top of things.  We weren't doing this by holding fund raisers, nor parading around photos of our members because frankly we were too busy doing the work.

We were the people who were the speakers and organizers of the press conference in 2007 that brought recognition to the fact sex trafficking existed in Nevada and we're why money has come into these state for this issue.  Only the state got smacked once in 2007 because you weren't listening to us and the money wasn't being used as intended. In fact, when we tried to push to have fresh information in the Jessie Foster case investigated that came across our hotline - not only was our information shelved but we were further threatened to "back off" pushing to have this information investigated because supposedly Peter Todd, her pimp, was a snitch now for the police.  I don't care who he's snitching on - that doesn't justify me being threatened by an FBI agent and a Metro officer to "back off" a case involving three dead women - Jessie Foster, a woman she worked with and the madam they worked with.   Nor when I keep pushing to have this information investigated further because other women are reporting they're living in fear of the man who is being left to walk around loose I'm then smeared as "crazy" so no one will come look at the evidence while it's fresh.

Governor -  you have groups like the Cupcake Girls coming up and wasting valuable legislature time on wild goose chases.  First of all, I have a list of employers who gladly hire ex-prostitutes.  Major casinos also.  The list also includes some who will hire felons and those with drug charges.  I've been placing men and women into jobs since 1995 in this state and have a very extensive list of reputable companies who hire in Nevada just about anyone as long as there's no history of fraud or violence.  So when I heard that the Cupcake Girls was having trouble placing women in jobs - I offered them this list.  They refused and blocked me.

I then read the bill passed basically stated that "if a prostitute can prove they were trafficked - the case may be expunged".  Well duh.  I've gone in and gotten more than one case expunged in Nevada Mr. Sandoval.  I will say one thing - if you could prove the person was being trafficked they wouldn't have a prostitution charge in the first place.  Second, to do this requires that one get an attorney and gather evidence.  All things that are expensive and time consuming and not within the grasp of most ex-prostitutes.

So frankly this law only helps really one person - someone who has a past record for prostitution that wants it lifted so they can go and get a brothel license or an entertainers license to work in a strip club.  If the intent was to find these women work - they would have gladly taken the list of employers that's not hard to find.  Any employment agency or human resources director would give you such a list.

The Cupcake Girls Mr. Sandoval have a paid lobbyist. This lobbyist is also the same one for Live Nation and the Nevada Defense Attorney's Association.  Live Nation produces concerts for Snoop Dogg and Charlie Sheen. Snoop Dogg trafficked women in Nevada in 2003 and we had to go in and pull women out who were chained to toilets by pimps working under Snoop.  So he might be a little concerned about some pandering charges coming his way after his confession in Rolling Stone about pimping these women during that tour.  According to Nevada law by the way he's quite guilty and you've yet to file charges against him.  Charlie Sheen has admitted to paying $10 million to keep people silent about the fact he's HIV positive, knows it, and has been continuing to see sex workers without using protection.  Didn't want anyone 'raising on his parade".

In other words, a lot of people with money who would sure like to put some "sparkle" on the Cupcake Girls rather than on the work we're doing.  The CG raised $5000 to give to a woman going by a code name of Kamylla to supposedly help her exit the sex industry.  The money was supposedly to pay for an attorney - only she had two attorney's being paid for already.  The money was to pay rent - only her apartment had been flooded and thus was inhabitable so therefore no rent was legally due on the unit.  SWA has a member back there who owns a telemarketing company.  He was featured in a documentary about his recovery and he would gladly give this woman, and her husband, a job on the spot.  A job she'll need to prove she can support her three children other than prostitution and to also stay in this country on a work visa.  She doesn't just need a job in other words - she needs a job that her employer can testify that isn't her replacing an American's job.  Which is what he does all the time through our connections with another SWA member who works at ICE in Houston.  Instead of referring the woman to us where we could have then helped her by getting her this job for both her and her husband, and then connecting her with our ICE contact down there - they essentially handed her $5000 and walked away.  Current reports as of this week report the woman is still in the sex industry and still is in danger of being deported.

That is if she's real.  We know that when someone is not American and arrested down in Texas they don't get bail.  They're held until it's determined if they are going to be deported or not after the sentencing.

We also found it strange this woman was claiming to be on the show "8 Minutes" but no one had seen her face on film, nor seen a contract even with the producers.  Her stories also weren't adding up.  She was claiming to be in Kathryn Griffin-Townsend's diversion program - but that program had been shut own for months.  In fact, it was shut down when we went to check on her.  So we had to go to the Houston jail who confirmed that yes the diversion program had been shut down for a year.

We then checked with five reporters who all confirmed not only they hadn't seen contracts with the producer's with her name on them, but further no one had actually seen her face on the film of the show.  we called the HR Dept. for Relativity Media who refused to confirm she'd even been on the show.  The plot thickened more when the voice we heard when she had called our hotline was NOT the same voice on a recording done by Maxine Doogan and posted on YouTube.  In other words - the whole thing was a hoax.  The story of Kamylla just illustrates why we don't hand out cash to people coming to us with sob stories about them being in the business supposedly because they need cash.  We've around too long to know this just isn't the case.  I can show you countless stories of single mothers, single disabled mothers, who are not resorting to sex work in order to feed their kids.  We don't do it because it might make us look good to hand someone a check - but it doesn't work.  Our reputation is for effectiveness.  I've had three reputable reporters out to investigate us and in 30 years of operation the only complaints that have appeared about us online have been in the last year planted by the women who were behind the fund raisers for both Kamylla and Heather - both of which did not result in those women finding their way out of the sex industry

Meaning if you actually want to start locking up the bad guys like the cases we've been involved with like those against Chris Butler, Kemp Schiffer, or Gary Kidgell in Wichita, Kansas, or maybe doing something about this type of corruption going on in Nevada before another person just steps down, you write out a check and Nevada looks like a gangster town, and you want women to feel safe while in a courtroom maybe, or if you want someone who is being trafficked to actually be able to prosecute their trafficker, or let you know what they think would help fight trafficking in a trafficking bill, or maybe when someone says they need help to leave stripping by finding a job how about they actually get a list of companies in Nevada who hire ex-prostitutes even with a record rather than this being turned into a photo op for a nonprofit who has funding from men who are actually admitted panderers and admitted potential serial killers (what do you call knowing you have HIV and continuing to sleep with women unprotected you aren't telling if not potential murder?) instead?

How about instead of getting $100's of thousands of dollars to "fight trafficking" and the best you have to show for that in Nevada is the arrest of two people in a brothel for the whole year?  Come on - I could roll over in my sleep and give you better numbers than that for that money.  You keep farting in the federal government's face for that money and showing them squat like this and you'll wind up soon not getting a dime in money from them.  Congo Justice received another federal grant as I said to hold a meeting in October to ring in the new leader of the task force.

This meeting was "postponed" and no one seems to know when it's going to be held.  Well that's just great because while everyone has their thumb up their nose - women are being trafficked as we speak and you know what Governor?  There's not one single number you have anywhere online for a victim to call for help?  Hookers for Jesus?  Don't make me laugh.  CCupcake Girls?  Want a makeover, a haircut and a free cupcake and coffee - who exactly are they helping to quit?  From what I'm hearing they're helping women get licenses to go work up at Dennis's ranch and I don't know when nonprofits got to raise money AND write laws but they just seem to be writing it up as they go along.  They didn't bother finding out anything from me about how to help women in Nevada to actually leave the sex industry because that's not what they do.  They leave that kind of thing up to me while they're taking photos with John Hambrick.

Sex workers have got the message loud and clear they are going to be preyed upon by people wwithin power in this state and then when they tturn to law enforcement for help - they're going to get what?  You writing out a check for damages after the fact?  I know a couple of bondage parlors that will let you come beat up on their staff and then write a check for the damages when you're done. Is that the reputation you want Nevada to have?

I'm putting together a resource book on "exiting the sex industry" with one book devoted to Califoria, one for Nevada, etc.  I'm also going to be writing about how responsible each state's politicians are with respect to who they're going to evolve to deal with sex trafficking.  If the "old" systems worked - we wouldn't have founded our hotline and program to provide the needed services.  There once was a a time when domestic violence, child abuse, and even rape.  Each state has evolved the way they are responding to these issues - and they are going to have to evolve to deal with sex trafficking because the sex industry isn't going to get any smaller at this rate. And you're going to run out of checks.

So I'd like to invite you to have a sit down discussion with me Governor Sandoval about the issues of sex trafficking in Nevada so we can discuss what can be done to change things in Nevada for the better to create a better system of prevention of damage rather than clean-up after the fact.  I've been here for 30 years now and our program is only growing.

I would love to discuss any of this further with you at your convenience.  Thank you for your time.

Jody Williams

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