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Thursday, August 6, 2015


Let me ask you something - if you were an illegal alien being targeted by sex traffickers - where are you going to go for safety and protection?  Don't you find it interesting that Dianne Feinstein is now trying to get the "sanctuary cities" shut down?

Now I've already learned what side California US Attorney Kamala Harris is on with respect to sex trafficking.  She's on the side of her donors.  When homeowners were illegally foreclosed upon by Bank of America, as well as companies like Wells Fargo, etc. - those homeowners went out to get an attorney to help them who said he "wasn't afraid of the big dogs".  One of those attorney's was Mitchell Stein.  Mitchell also knew that some homeowners didn't even know they had recourse.  So to find those homeowners - he embarked upon a marketing campaign.

Then I saw happen what happens when you go up against one of these people.  First, Kamala supposedly "accidentally" burned the records needed from the homeowners to do something about their situation.   Mitchell brought a lawsuit against her for that. There was some brief applause - and then the plan went into effect.

I've gotten so used to it I just turned to my daughter over dinner and said "well they'll be coming after him next and the smear campaign online will be starting soon".  Which is exactly what happened.  Here's the "smear" (anyone who tries to help these homeowners is a con artist  if you read this article - which by the way you don't have to be a lawyer to help someone in a situation like this and as far as I know there's no law against using telemarketers to generate leads to find clients for any service even for attorney's) -

I mean read between the lines here.  This article says a judge got the marketing shut down BUT NO CRIMINAL CHARGES HAVE BEEN FILED -;_ylt=A0SO8oc6hcNVN30A50pXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyNmR0bjRmBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwM3BHZ0aWQDQTAxNTZfMQRzZWMDc3I  Which means the judge shut down their efforts to find people to let them know they had legal recourse - but "no criminal charges" had been filed against the company.  Also, from what I see nothing was illegal.  If this type of advertising was illegal - then the ads for the NSPCA would have been shut down entirely for making people think their donations benefit the program nationally - and not just one shelter.  Now I got news for you folks - what happened in this case is just about how every law firm acts these days.

They have an operator answering the phone who has "little or no legal training" because she's a RECEPTIONIST.  Then the receptionist has a PARALEGAL call you back to get the information on your case who also IS NOT AN ATTORNEY.  Then the information is reviewed, and if everything is in order, THEN an attorney will call you back to discuss your case.

Try it sometime.  Because this article makes it sound like anyone who would advertise or try and find people to help with their foreclosure is some kind of con artist that has to be "shut down".  Only it says very clearly that no one had been charged with fraud.  Mitchell didn't even go to jail over this - he went over something else the state dug up against him.

As for Dianne Feinstein's "office making referrals" it's very possible that people in her office did make referrals that Dianne would have no knowledge of because she doesn't answer her own phones - but interns and assistants do who very possibly might have given homeowners' the attorney's phone numbers to call for help.  But what went on here is that people who were trying to scout out homeowners who had no idea what their legal rights were in the foreclosures in order to help them file a suit for the laws that were violated, and maybe even keep their homes, were blocked by the people who are supposed to be representing us.  Heck they even got an injunction, which is like a restraining order, to STOP anyone from reaching out to help these people.  Then we have the news making it appear that anyone offering to help you against them is a "con artist" even though "no criminal charges have been filed" (because it's not illegal what they did)- and what you have is that the California US Attorney is a guard dog for the banks NOT the people.

Now I ask you - if they would go this far to attack people who are trying to find clients who were wronged by the big banks in this country then how come I can't get a phone call back from her office about a multinational sex trafficking ring that's operating in this country that I DO have evidence against who reside, and operate out of, California?  A ring where three people have already been convicted and sentenced for pimping in Wichita, Kansas, and for which now Liang Yaohui has been arrested who was a member of the National People's Congress,   and also had almost 900 massage parlors, 3,000 escorts, and was operating a brothel out of the Crown Prince 5 star hotel in China.  A ring where when a victim called me for help - I got threatened by a police officer and an attorney who somehow knew about her call like my phones were tapped?  Hmm?  Oh, and the man who offered to help me help her?  He's being audited also by IRS.  You can read more about her case here -

With no client making a complaint against Mitchell Stein (who I don't know personally by the way) - the whole power of the government came down upon Mitchell Stein until they got him in prison for the next 17 years.  THAT'S what happens when you try and go up against the big dogs.  She's cheap though.  Supposedly Bank of America only donated $1500 to Kamala from what the records show any way for this support.

US?  I don't work.  After my landlords being harassed for a while, the third ones in a row who mysteriously kept being targeted on "zoning violations", I decided to rent a trailer and move around every few days "off the grid".  I work for myself so I don't have anyone who can be threatened into firing me.  I don't have a grant coming in that I'm lobbying for.  I know my donors will just be targeted for harassment so I don't ask for donations.  So I can speak my mind without fear.

But they found a way anyway.  My ex-husband is on the board of Pacifica Radio.  They got slapped with an audit and are dangerously close to being shut down.  So close my ex-husband told me I not only can't put a show on their station about sex trafficking in the USA, but even the DJ's at the station have been told to not accept me as a caller.  I found that out when I tried to call in with a question when Rick "Freeway" Ross was on talking about Iran Contra and his new book.  So much for "Sojourn for the Truth" anyway.

The joke on Kamala though is that my ex-husband isn't involved with our activities since our divorce and he doesn't speak to me.  Why?  He can't cope with the fact our daughter has a brain tumor very well so he doesn't call or come visit us because "he can't cope".  So she's not really harming me here - only the people at Pacifica Radio and the listeners who think they're hearing the "real" truth because it's public radio.

Or she's busy looking at illegally obtained and published videotapes against Planned Parenthood.  That's what a judge said when other reporters tried to do the same thing to ACORN anyway when the judge slapped the reporter with a $100,000 fine.  

Now if a reporter couldn't get it out based on the SLAPP law, or the public's "right to know", and he's slapped with a fine - then please tell me why Kamala Harris is looking at an illegal tape in the first place instead of charging whoever filmed the piece of blackmail, and then the stations that illegally aired them with the crime they're committing?  Because it is illegal to air any video that doesn't have the consent of all parties in all states except Texas or Nevada that I'm aware of.  Which means if anyone needs to be charged with anything it's the people who filmed that video - and those stations that aired it without a release.

I would like to think that Kamala Harris would be on the side of protecting not just these women who are being victimized by this sex trafficking ring - but also the many people who are falling victim to this ring.  This case here of Donald Banks?  Right out of their textbook.  Even down to the threats coming from text message to him.  Then he gets falsely led to believe the police are going to help him so he flies all the way out to California to engage in a "sting" operation against Teofil - only the one who got "stung" was Donald.

Because now the whole thing is out in the press as public record - and he can't silence everything with an injunction of it "violating his privacy" now as he could have if he had not gone to the police and the DA's office  in the first place for protection.   Plus now anyone who thinks about going to the police for help - will have this case waived under their nose along with being told "not a good idea".  I still haven't heard by the way who the gun in Teofil's trunk was registered to - have you?  You know the gun in his trunk the cop found as to why he couldn't get bail?    Oh yeah - these people are working for the traffickers - not the people they're supposed to be protecting.

I'm also now having some serious doubts about what's going on with Dianne Feinstein.  I of course reached out to her about "Music's" case where this woman was drug out of her home by two Pasadena cops, in front of her son and mother, then had two fake charges slapped against her for prostitution signed by Pasadena judge when she announced to this ring that she wanted to retire now she's about 50 years old and she's been prostituting, and helping them with their blackmail and trade secret schemes, since she was eight years old now.  One where when she tried to reach out for help to us - we then started being threatened by cops and attorney's also.  Of course I got no response Dianne's office either.  .  (Oh by the way - if you go to this link and it's "down for maintenance" don't be surprised.  That happened two minutes after I referenced the link.  However, I've learned my lesson and have a pdf saved of the page if you'd like to see it as a reference - just ask.)

No - she's too busy trying to convince us that putting a tap on our phones, without having to go through that pesky little process of having to have enough evidence to get a warrant to do so first, is the way to "fight sex trafficking".  Now I can remind you readers again that I'M THE FOUNDER OF THE MOVEMENT.  I'm the one who called for our legal system, and the world, to recognize that sex trafficking was not an urban myth, and that we needed to set up systems for the victims to be able to find help in the first place.  If you doubt this - you can read the history of the movement here on this link,    along with clippings I have proving when I started this movement in 1987 at

But instead of talking to me, and instead of returning my faxes, and emails (I can't get anything but voicemail when I try and call her and then no one returns my calls), she instead wants to go for these phone taps as a solution?  Has anyone around here by the way who is under the age of 50 years old seen the series on Netflix "En Le Boca del  Lobo"?    It details how the drug cartel got phone taps on all the phones so they could tell who might be trying to rat them out to get charges filed against any of them.  Now Pablo Escobar just went ahead and got himself into the Mexican government itself so he could have a law passed that would block him from being extradited.

Oh I'm just being "paranoid" and "imagining things" when I say that those in power who are saying to the press they are "fighting sex trafficking" while shutting our members, and myself, out of the process (we are not only the founders of the trafficking movement - but we also are the oldest and largest group of adult survivors in this country by the way and we've been headquartered in Nevada since 1995), entirely is completely a figment of my imagination right?

Check this out.   It's a letter from the Nevada US Attorney, Maria Castilla-Couch saying "what me - I'm not working on anything to do with trafficking" when I wrote her office asking to be put on the list to be notified of events going on with respect to AB67.  I had seen a few events already in the newspaper that I had not received any prior notice of so that our SWA members, and myself, could attend and weigh in our our input.  This was her answer to me -  Now not the date on this statement of June 2013 -  So the Nevada US Attorney writes me in January of 2013 to tell me "what bill?" that she just passed in June of 2013.  Nah - I'm just imagining we were shut entirely out of that process.  

So I'm not talking anything new under the sun here when it comes to people in criminal operations doing what they do to protect themselves by infiltrating and influencing the government.  It's why the minute we had an attorney asking Pasadena LAPD for a copy of this woman's booking video - he gets a threatening call from a Pasadena attorney, Bill Paparian.  Now how might I ask did Bill even know about the request?  He has some pipeline from the LAPD to his office?

I have another case where a man in San Jose filed a complaint against a trafficking ring that's pimping out his ex-girlfriend.  The minute he called the police - HE then gets threatened by a private investigator.  Now how did that information get off his desk?  If anyone has seen the series "Ray Donovan" by the way - you might remember how one investigator who wanted this main character so badly that to do so he had to keep all of his evidence in his basement because things kept "missing" off his desk and filing cabinet then you'd have an idea why this show is lightly fictionalized but very clearly based on true stories and real people.  

Now I'm hearing about a protest being organized today against Dianne Feinstein on behalf of immigrants.  Here's a link to it  Probably having to organize a protest outside her office for the same reason I'm afraid to go down to the Pasadena police station now - for fear I'll be arrested on a 5150 charge and the same thing happen to me that happened to Sandra Bland.

Oh yes after some public pressure the Chief did call and invite me to come down and speak to him - the very same day some woman online I don't know and who I certainly did not threaten, who just happens to be a part of the Orange County Trafficking Task Force, started telling people online that I was "stalking her" and "threatening her" and she was "afraid for her life".  Gee that's funny.  I had tried to get information on Abeni that works with trafficking victims because I run the Sex Workers Anonymous hotline.  I didn't know requesting information was putting someone in "fear of her life".  But then I saw that the Chief also lives in Orange county - the pieces make more sense.  Especially since he's asking me to come down to speak to him in person about the officer who threatened me WITHOUT ASKING FOR THE OFFICERS NAME FIRST.

Now I ask you - how is he going to protect me from harm coming into, and leaving, the station from this officer if he doesn't know the guy's name?  I mean how is he going to take steps to protect me if he doesn't know what shift he's on or where he's at when I'm coming in.  Doesn't sound like he is going to be trying to protect me now does it?  So why am I coming in?  Now this weird 5150 complaint that happened the same day makes more sense.  No - I'm not walking into that office until I have some assurance that I'm not the one that's going to be carted off.  I'm willing to bet that is why Chief Sanchez has refused to tell me the name of the "trafficking groups he's currently working with" when I asked - I'd bet $100 cash that it's Abeni.

Sandra Bland was trying to tell us we have a problem within the police force right now.  Her death demonstrated that problem.  We have lost control of the system people, and that's why Montgomery Sibley, another person they're branding "nuts" is saying we need to have a "constitutional congress".  

This is nothing new.  Believe it or not Billy Jack tried to warn us this was coming when I was a teenager.  I just didn't understand what the heck he was talking about back then.   He also tried to make films to raise awareness about what was happening to the native Americans in this country in the best way he knew - making films.  Then when he tried to speak out about how to fix the problem - everyone just wrote him off as "just an actor".   I didn't listen and try to understand however - and now look at me.  I'm trying to go get help for this victim and now I'm the one who is being threatened - NOT THE TRAFFICKING RING.

There is something wrong here people.  The pattern is clear.  The predators have control over the system that's supposed to protect us - and its using it against us.  Ever since the FCC allowed our voices to be silenced in the 1995 laws - now anyone who speaks out is called a "fringe lunatic" because we can't get our voices back on the same level footing as they have.  That's stacking the deck against us just as they tried to shut down the people trying to tell those homeowners they have recourse and rights also.

Do you understand this is not just about a few hookers I'm trying to warn you about and rally you against?  This is exactly by the way how Hitler did it - even down to claiming that "immigrants are taking our jobs".  Isn't that what he wound people up about the Jews with the same claims?

Dianne Feinstein - if I'm wrong and you want to do something to help fight sex trafficking then you call me and prove me wrong.  I've only been reaching out to you for two years now.  These people are having to protest to get your attention.  What does it take?  You say you're "against NSA spying" but then you're calling out for wire taps to "fight trafficking" - you can't help but think I'm going to say this looks like you're trying to get wire taps on phones like mine so you can protect traffickers from people trying to go to the police about them.   Because if you don't want the NSA to have the tap - then how is this going to "fight trafficking"?

People - the fox is guarding the chicken coop as my grandmother used to say and we have to figure out what to do about it before more people are harmed by this.  Nevada Metro refuses to listen to any information I have coming into our hotline on active murder and missing people cases - so they did nothing to stop this maniac.   But Heather did.  She shouldn't have had to.  If Metro hadn't had the head of their Vice Dept. and a woman who is on their trafficking task force tell me "take me off your mailing list" and refuse my calls - Heather wouldn't have had to take that shot.

I'm not saying we need to go out and shoot people.  I'm saying she might not have had to if I could get Metro to talk to me about the information I have coming in about men like that.  But they aren't because they're too busy protecting the traffickers, especially those who wear badges.  I tried to get those women out of that house and help the best way I could - but instead everything was dismissed and they were "sent back to work" also.  Why?  To cover up for the cops involved.  Am I lying?  I don't see a defamation suit on me anywhere do you?

People - please we have to organize and we have to do something.  What's happening here right now happened in Mexico and Columbia in the 1990's.  They had to form a "faceless justice committee".   Even Serpico himself has said we've lost control and he's hiding in a cabin in the woods in fear for his life.  The Knapp Commission was disbanded by Knapp when he was made a judge.   There is no teeth anymore in Internal Affairs and the media is printing nothing but absolute lies.  Any reporter who even tries to tell the truth is fired.  Yes I have proof of that also.  I've got a stack of letters from reporters telling me they were fired when they tried to stand up for the truth.

Do you know what the traffickers say?  I don't see anyone objecting.  Just like how Snoop Dogg walks around after his 2003 operation he confessed to in Rolling Stone.   They aren't "objecting" because they don't want to wind up like Bill Cosby's victims - who only stood up after they saw others standing up first.  I've got victims willing to stand up - but no one willing to prosecute.  You think this problem is just with the police?  Pasadena Police have been audited.  The results?  They "just need more money and training".     Kamala - you sure rose to the occasion very quickly to respond to this Planned Parenthood video by the way - but when Snoop Dogg announces he "put together an operation" in the Rolling Stone, and I say I have victims of that "operation" who would like to see you press at least pandering charges, if not pimping WE don't get a return phone call?

What about the District Attorney's?  Oh by the way it says that "Kamala Harris asked the UC Irvine professor of law to do a report" on this situation.  However, he confirmed to me that he's not been even asked to look into this.  I put the screen shot above confirming he was not asked.  He had no idea what I was talking about when I emailed him about this report.  If I'm missing something then google Internal Affairs for Pasadena, California.

If I'm wrong - then Dianne where are those willing to prosecute?  I'm not hearing from them.  No I've got the US Attorney's office going after our donors and my ex-husband BUT NOT THE TRAFFICKERS.  So you want to convince us you want to fight sex trafficking?  Call me.  (702) 468-4529.

If you are a victim of trafficking, but need help to get out and find recovery - please get in touch with us at    I know not all of you can call the police because sometimes they're part of the problem and we can help you anyway because we are not affiliated with them in any way (clearly).

Which is why I'm going to tell you right now - I don't think Dianne's thinking about the immigrants when she wants to tear down their "sanctuary cities".  Places where I think some are hiding from sex traffickers.  Again Dianne if I'm wrong - then where's my phone call?

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