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Saturday, August 8, 2015

SPIKE LEE'S "BLOOD OF JESUS" FILM  Welcome to watching Spike Lee try and find his place in this 2014 world.  One where Bill Cosby is now a serial rapist.   I don't think anyone is going to think of him as Dr. Huxtable any longer.  

But I am a Spike Lee fan.  Most people look at me and think I'm "white' so they probably don't understand.  I'm also Native American AND African American.  Back in my great-grand parents generation we have a slave owner who had a plantation in Arkansas.   One of our relatives is black.  Growing up people used to tell me "girl I'd swear you were black but you're very white".  It was in recovery I did a geneology and learned how the white man "whiteized" us as Indians by putting us in white schools, with white clothes, and white teachers, and making sure we didn't know our own language any longer.  Breaking us away with our connection to the earth and our spirituality.  But also that yes I am part African American as well.   I am truly an American "mutt".

Anyway, I've always liked Spike Lee, and his films, and what he's been trying to do with his films.  I even remember when he was trying to save a New York neighborhood from being "gentrified" as he called it.  He lost - but he tried.  So of course I have to admit i was shocked to hear he was making a horror film.  So I sat back to watch it when it came out on Netflix last night.  

Welcome to the parade of prostitutes.  We have the prostitute who wears a nice dress, and hangs out in jazz clubs.  The one who never quotes a price until she's back in the house or hotel with the man's pants around his ankles.  This lovely lady was clearly uneducated, couldn't even talk properly - but of course knew how to quote him $500.  Her response to her request for money was instead to have her neck sucked on by the main character and murdered.  Because of course prostitutes are disposable you know.

So we go from the nightclub prostitute to the ghetto single mother prostitute.  The great wealthy learned cultured man strolls down into the ghetto to sit next to a single mother living in the projects.  She knows the game and in her financial desperation even invites him into her project apartment with the baby in the next room.  As he also strolls out after murdering her without one thought of what would happen  to that baby in the crib in the next room.  We can even see the financial desperation on this character as she struggles against saying "no" but then realizes she also needs to feed this child she clearly loves.  He seems like a nice man though doesn't he?

Then we see the marriage whore.  The woman who marries for money.  Tell her that her husband who paid her bills is dead - and she doesn't bat an eye marrying this guy who told her the news because he's got a big house, a nice car and even servants.  A girl has to take care of herself now doesn't she?  We even got the "whore story" every trick wants to hear our of his whore about how he's saving her life from such a horrible upbringing as we got out of this prostitute in the film.

Then we got to see the "fancy prostitute".  She's the one who has her own place, but travels to see other men in her field that want a "good time">  She's so used to the game that when she gets a call to come have a lesbian one-nighter with his new wife - she's right there with her party hat on.  She doesn't get paid by the hour either - but she is the type who gets a grant or a job or even an expensive gift she can sell to pay her mortgage.  Maybe she gets a boat or a cottage donated to her work.  But she's still just another form of whore.

Spike - what the hell is wrong with you?  This is how you're portraying African American women today?  As just a bunch of different types of whores?  If any other film maker had made this "parade of prostitutes" of African American women in the 1990's - you would have ripped them apart.  Seriously Spike - what is wrong with you?  This isn't even your type of film - let alone you hating on black women today.  Is is any wonder we have a Sandra Bland viewed as "disposible"?

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