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Monday, August 3, 2015


Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous
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August 3, 2015

CNN Freedom Project
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Jada Pinkett-Smith
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Living Water Center
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Sgt. Torrey Kennedy
DeKalb County Internet Crimes Against Children
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Dalia Racine
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Re: Jada Pinkett-Smith and Magic Mike XXL

Dear Concerned Advocates:

First of all, I'd like to thank you very much for bringing attention to a horrible epidemic that is attacking this country and spreading like wildfire. I saw the documentary that aired last week on CNN and applaud all of your efforts to get involved in something that has been ingrained in the very fabric of our society for a long time.

However, children grow out of clothes fast. As they grow, those clothes have to be replaced. The same goes for old ideas. When I stepped up on that first talk show stage in 1987 saying that domestic sex trafficking was real, that it wasn't a thing of the past, and created what used to be called “Prostitutes Anonymous” where those victims could come to for help – we had to do that because even the legal system didn't know we were victims. We used to be viewed just like shown in that film “Frozen Ground” with Nicholas Cage – as criminals. So we used to not be able to come to the police for help. Sadly because in some cases they were part of the problem.

I say that because when I was arrested in 1984 – there was an escort service called “Talk of the Town” that had been set up by LAPD officers for “side money”. They also used the escort service to blackmail some of the high-profile clients of the service, and to transport drugs from the evidence rooms into their customers' hands. When the media found out about it – they just turned around and arrested something like 300 people and said it had been an “undercover operation” but those of us who knew the truth knew better.

Just as we saw with the recent news of the strip club in New Jersey owned by DEA agents. The dancers, illegal aliens, were not able to get help from the system today because they would just have been deported back to Columbia. Where the drug dealers those DEA agents had been partying with would have been waiting for them. Meaning it's still suicide in some cases for victims to step forward for help. Chris Butler was example was only arrested in 2012 – yet he was only a small part in a trafficking ring that's still operating today across this country where victims can't go for help because of police involvement in trafficking.

I'm working with a case now where the victim can't get help in the city where she lives because two police officers carted her out of her home, and then two phony prostitution charges were slapped on her record – and she was threatened with a third if she didn't “shut her mouth and go back to work”. A third arrest would get her deported to China where Liang Yaohui was in power until just a short time ago and could have honored the threat of having her executed if she had been deported. So our work is far from over at changing this system.

But I'm writing today about the mixed messages we're sending our kids when Jada is hosting this show -at the same time she's promoting the film “Magic Mike XXL”. Even to the point of touring around the country with real male strippers as she said on a recent talk show appearance like it's all fun and games. Only men are sex trafficked also. Strip clubs are also not only where sex trafficking can happen where these men dance – but it can also be a gateway into trafficking as is commonly the case.

Children aren't young enough to understand the distinctions here. They just see her talking about the strip clubs and the strippers like it's all one big party. However, I've been seeing sex traffickers moving more and more into strip clubs as sites like Myredbook are shut down, and also to trafficking men as people are being made more aware about female sex trafficking. It's like cockroaches – you shine the light on them and they move.

Which is why you can't just shine a pin light on this and expect to clean out the whole house of these roaches. Sex trafficking is not a gender issue. It's not a race issue either – it can happen to anyone, male or female, of any race, any culture, anywhere, anytime. So I'm writing to see what can be done to spread the message about this contradictory signals being sent here.

Thank you.

Jody Williams

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