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Sunday, August 2, 2015


The year Annie got out of prostitution - I had suffered a stroke.  The hotline had gone down so too as did the Las Vegas meeting of Sex Workers Anonymous I had been running. I had the members around me – but no meeting. No one wanted to answer the phone, chair the meeting, etc. The members were very scared I was going to die. They'd come visit me daily, make sure I was okay, go to coffee with each other – but no one wanted to take on the responsibility of these jobs. My current husband then blamed the program for the stroke and because he wanted me to “just rest” he basically yanked the phone out of the wall and didn't tell me. I was bedridden so I didn't even know our hotline had been taken down until almost six months had gone by.  Our other local meetings in other cities were still meeting like in Phoenix, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc. but they had no way of connecting to each other without me being the "go between".  Doing the math however – Annie had come into recovery at the same time I went down.  So I wasn't there answering the hotline, doing outreach, etc., when she was coming into recovery.  I regret not being there for her when she did but clearly she had another path to walk.

However, I was known at the jails. I was known in the local NA meetings and treatment centers. I was “known” by many of the cab drivers, bartenders, cocktail waitresses, etc. So if you asked around – you could still find someone that knew about our program and how to reach me.   I was still having people call me saying "so and so gave me your number" then if someone were to have asked around.  My now ex-husband let our websites go down also. In fact, I lost some of the domains for a while and had to negotiate them back. But pretty much yeah I wasn't there when Annie came out of the business – but I wasn't that hard to find either.

When I got on my feet again – I read the news clippings about Annie starting her “Hookers for Jesus” program.  Boy did I hear about it. I watched the news as this woman put on a showgirl costume, headdress and all – and was going up and down the strip looking for hookers to talk to – telling people that “Jesus loved them”.  People were calling me saying "did you see this nonsense?"   So she kind of started out evangelizing at first – telling any homeless people “Jesus loved them” and trying to recruit people to come to her church run by Pastor Perez. Which got press for sure. Everyone I saw was laughing at the TV and thought she was nuts basically. I took it as a plea for help and started to reach out to her. I wanted to let her know about SWA – and that we had a big phone book full of recovering prostitutes she could speak to so she wasn't alone.  I also wanted to warn her about "post prostitution syndrome" many of us tend to suffer from without proper recovery.  

She kind of ignored me at first when I'd call. I didn't get any return phone calls. Then I heard she was going outreach at the AVN awards. Now I'd seen Shelley really flub that on TV so I thought maybe I could offer to help so she wouldn't just go in and have everyone shut her down. I got ahold of her and asked if she wanted some help doing outreach at the AVN. She was asking people to share expenses with her to buy a booth.  I didn't think a booth was a good expense. I mean how many porn models there to work are going to come over to a booth to talk to you?   I had suggested she save the booth money and we walk around and talk to the women when they were taking a cigarette break or in the ladies room so they weren't “working”.   She said she “needed the booth because she was selling t-shirts”.   Okay then – so she wasn't there doing outreach – she was there selling t-shirts.   She told me that's how she was paying her rent (she wasn't married yet).  I went ahead and let her do her thing – and I did my thing and then got ahold of her after the show.

She told me she'd “sold enough shirts to pay this month's rent” which kind of shocked me. I said “you're not working?” She said she hadn't gotten a job yet in recovery and that she was paying the rent selling these t-shirts.  I knew a guy who made bumper stickers so I told her I'd get the number for her. I also knew some jewelry people and told her if she was going to sell things at shows – I could hook her up.    I was making $10,000 a week selling perfume and jewelry for a while at shows so it's a good living. She then told me she didn't want to sell anything but the t-shirts.  Now I've seen that before – it's a set-up. You can't limit your income or you wind up in a corner some months financially.   Then when you get in that corner as an ex-hooker you're more tempted to do things maybe you shouldn't do.  But I could tell that she wasn't in the “mentoring” mood out of me.  She refused to speak to our other members.  She refused to come to a meeting.   She said she had her church and she was good with that.  

I invited her to coffee or lunch and she refused.   This was about Easter time and she said she was getting ready for the holiday which I understood.  She invited me to come to her church and I thought it sounded like a great idea but my church had a date on the same day.  I told her it was conflicting with my home church and she got kind of “miffy” with me.  But her friend, Heather, called me up. She didn't want to go to coffee or lunch or talk. She wanted to invite me to HER church. When I told her the same thing – that my church was having a function – that ended that approach.

So Heather was only interested in me if I went to her church – otherwise blow me.  I got it.  I felt like I was a wishbone in a war to see who I'd go to Easter service with - screw that I had my own church I already belonged to that I was attending was the way they were acting.  By the way, this was when my daughter was very sick with what we thought was bipolar disorder.  She had also been hit by a car and her back had been broken in three places.   It triggered what they thought was fibromyalgia on top of it - meaning I was having to care for my daughter at home 24/7.  Not once did she ask me how my daughter was doing or if this single able-bodied female with enough strength to run up and down the strip at night could do anything to help me out with the situation.  In other words, if I wasn't someone she was "saving" to go to her church - screw me, my daughter, and the other SWA members as people.  We also never got invited to attend her church other than the Easter service.  Once I turned that down - it was when she emotionally disconnected.  

I turned back to Annie and explained I knew the problems with starting a new group as she was doing.  Again, it's one thing to get sober yourself for example from alcoholism.  It's a whole other thing to build a program that helps other people find sobriety as Bill Wilson did when he formed Alcoholics Anonymous.   The same for us - we learned early that building a program that "worked" for helping us was not easy.   But here she is saying she wants to build a program and so I wanted to offer any help that we could.  I mean many others had tried before her and failed most of them for specific reasons.  I wanted to share with her this information to help her increase her chances.

So I started asking her how she was solving these problems. She wouldn't answer me. Simple questions like how was she getting these women work if they had criminal records, or if they had more than one kid.  How was she protecting them from a pimp who would come looking?  Daycare was very expensive in Vegas then.  Also, all the daycares were full then.  So you could get a job – but not get daycare. I was having to do a lot of babysitting for our members as it was for that reason.

So of course I was asking her how was she handling this issue in her program and she wouldn't answer me. I then asked her about the showgirl costume. I remembered how Tammy Faye got grief over make-up. I just knew she was getting a lot of guff from the church about a showgirl costume, the blond hair, make-up, heels, etc.  She admitted the church people were on her about her make-up and the outfits but then when I asked what Benny had said to her about it she said that “Pastor Perez doesn't know”.

Now that threw me.   As a Christian, I know if you're doing a church outreach under the umbrella of a church – the church is supposed to be in charge.  You need to be in “submission” and do what they tell you.  This wasn't her outreach at the time – but it was supposedly the church's still.  But when I asked her about the clothing and costumes – she said basically “Benny doesn't know”. Keeping secrets from one's sponsor, pastor, anyone like a husband – well that worries me as it's a sign of spiritual relapse.  Also if you're representing the church, but then wearing clothes that are controversial but not letting the church itself know what you're doing that reflects on them - well it's a problem.  So I suggested she needed to tell Benny and get his clearance on the way she was dressing when appearing on these news segments.

She said she would but I could tell she wasn't happy about it. Of course I asked if she wanted to attend a SWA meeting to see for herself what they were like again thinking she needed to be around some recovering prostitutes instead of just crazy "newcomers".   I wasn't strong enough to have one far from the house – so I was holding our meetings in our conference room club house in my condo. She refused to come. I said it was “just to  check out how we do things” and I even asked her to come speak. She refused to come speak to our “newcomers”.

Then I got a call from a woman who had a five day notice on our hotline. I asked her how that happened. She told me Annie had gotten ahold of her on the street and told her that she was going to “help” her but she had to quit hooking right then. She had three kids and no job and no car. She trusted Annie and even had gone to church where she said she was paraded around for the congregation while donations were raised. She said she thought the money was to help her so she thought she was going to be okay. But no one was helping her write a resume, or go on a job interview, or apply for benefits, or anything other than parading her around the church. Because she said the next Sunday Heather did the same thing. Then she said they started pushing on her to “choose” which made her feel uncomfortable. But she didn't have time to think because she now has this 3 day notice and one day's worth of food. She said she contacted both Heather and Annie when she got the notice and instead of giving her money – they said “trust God” and blew her off. That's why she went online looking for help and found me.

Okay this isn't cool if it were true.  For all I knew - this was a lie.  I put in a call to Annie to hear her side of the story and then went ahead and picked up the woman. I typed up and filed her 5 day notice. I called Annie asking her what was up with the donations or a job for this woman and she wouldn't call me back.   I asked the woman to call her in front of me - and she didn't pick up for her either.  So I drove the woman to an employment agency to get registered.  I drove her to the food bank. I got her enrolled in daycare and aid from the state to pay for it.

Now I'm living on $650 a month in SSI because of the stroke. This tiny bit of gasoline was really hard on me that month. I couldn't afford it. So I kept calling Annie for two reasons – asking her why she would tell this woman to just stop hooking without having a job or income in place first like that, then leave her hanging, and then leave me to clean up this mess now on my dime? Where was this money that was donated?  Only now I'm not getting any return phone calls at all.  

I started trying every number thinking maybe she wasn't getting the messages.  I tried calling Heather – no call back. I tried calling Pastor Perez – no call back.  Okay this isn't cool. I thought this must be a one time thing. I left a voice mail and email with Annie this was NOT the way to do it.  I always made sure we had rent covered before I would tell a single mom with three kids to just stop paying her rent and “trust God” that the rent is going to magically appear.  I mean what was her plan here? What was she thinking? I felt it was playing with this woman's life and her children's safety. We live in a “landlord” state – meaning they can basically kick you out on your ear if you're late in Nevada. Now after the messages I left her saying this was not cool and not how it was done and how she jeopardized this woman and her kids – I thought the message at least was delivered even if she wasn't calling me back or answering me.

Wrong. The next month I got five more calls just like it. Suddenly I've got five women with five day notices all at the same time. I'm driving all over town now with FIVE prostitutes all who had just quit cold turkey and now are slapped with five day notices and no job AND now they feel betrayed by Annie and frankly I just can't afford this gas money I'm having to expend to help these women who are now in a crisis I didn't create.  No one is returning my calls.  So I  physically went down to the church and asked to speak to the Pastor Perez personally.  I got blown off.  I emailed, faxed, and left messages for him to call me because we had a problem here – and I got nothing.

Now at this point frankly I'm beginning to feel used. One woman told me that Annie HOUNDED her into coming down to the church and agreeing to quit. She told me Annie called her 12 times in one day promising she "could save her".  She said she finally decided to "give it a shot" and now her motel rent is due and Annie's cut off all calls.   Now I have no idea if that's true – but this is what she said.  I can't even get a call back from Annie to tell me her side of the story.  Nothing.  She said with the urgency of the way Annie hounded her with the phone calls and the visits to her hotel she thought Annie must have a solution – so she gave it a shot.   She quit “cold turkey” as Annie had asked, went and paraded around the church which she said embarrassed the heck out of her, and then they asked for money from the congregation.  But when her rent is due now - she says she got told “trust God” and blown off like yesterday's news.

Again, she goes online to find some help because now she doesn't want to go back to prostitution and finds me. So at this point I'm beginning to feel used. Like she thinks this is okay to do because I'm going to come and clean up the mess because I can't leave these women hanging.  I had some people say to me "think of it this way - she's doing outreach for you".  No it's not.  It's not "outreach" when I'm scrambling around helping people with five days and food banks because of an artificially created crisis.

Because instead of being able to show them anything about a program - all I'm doing now is running around solving a financial drama someone threw on them that happened because they trusted someone and got burned.  So this is the mood these women are in I'm being handed - like they were stupid for trusting someone who said they could help.  In other words, now they feel recovery is just some con they fell for is the mood they're now put in because of this.  Now that doesn't increase our membership.  Because what's going to happen is what did happen.  I solved their immediate financial crisis for them.  They feel conned and exploited.  After they get their rent paid they're disgusted with themselves and kick themselves for even thinking recovery was possible.  And they go back to the streets or their pimp who at least is trustworthy in that they know he's a bad guy.  He doesn't pretend to be a good guy and then turn out to be the bad guy in disguise.  In other words, they know what they're getting.  They turn over and look at me.  I'm in physical therapy and living on $650 a month.  I am driving a $500 Toyota.  I am counting quarters to put gas in the tank to help them.  I have a sick kid I'm taking to doctors every other day and caring for.  Not the image of recovery that's inspiring them to want this life.  I don't even have a chance to introduce them to our other members so they can see that everyone is different.  No - they let me solve their immediate problems.  And then they're right off back to sex work kicking themselves for even thinking they could ever leave.  THAT'S what she was creating and dumping on my head.  THAT'S why I wasn't out doing outreach for SWA right then because I knew that's all the new members would see and it would make them run.  

But I figured I'd make the best of this.  Now one of the ways I would get food when the food banks were out was to call local churches and ask for help. If we couldn't get the rent – I'd do the same thing. I could usually find a couple of churches that could cough up $200 bucks or so and after enough phone calls I'd get their rent raised up.  However, then this started happening – I started calling to ask for help and now I'm hearing “oh we already gave money to Annie – ask her for help – click”. Okay I'm calling Annie and saying “this church said they gave you money to help prostitutes and I got a prostitute here that needs help so I need you to call me back”. Only she's not calling me back.

So now she's creating a crisis for me to solve – AND cutting off my avenues to a solution. What's worse is that these people are seeing Annie on TV but not me. So now people are acting like “well who the hell are you?” when I'm calling.  Because I don't put our members into these crisis situations - these church people don't know me but they see Annie on TV.   How do I  counter this?  Now I'm not able to go on TV and show my face like she's doing.  I have a daughter under the age of 18 having medical issues. I can't risk affecting or harming her medical care, or her school, by putting her mom's face out there on TV as an ex-hooker. So while she's going all over TV and heavily – I'm not able to go put my face out on TV.  The last thing I need is some doctor or teacher or social worker seeing me on TV and having that affect my daughter's care.   Annie would know these things if she had kids - but she doesn't.

So now when I'm calling people are giving me an attitude like “who are you?” because I'm not on TV like she is. When I explain she's not calling me back and I can't get help from her – but I got a woman sitting on my couch that needs help and needs it now – they're giving me an attitude like “well why aren't you on TV also?”  My calls to Annie to coordinate our outreach efforts so this doesn't happen - of course are going unanswered.  

Now during this time I'd seen the Dream Center in Los Angeles on TV. I admired their work and felt we could use a branch here in Las Vegas. So I wrote the two owners and asked about coming to Vegas. They seemed very interested and we started talking. I started looking for buildings for them even. I was of course talking about having SWA meetings in their Dream Center both in LA and in Vegas when they got there. They told me that it would “take about a year” to get there and it felt like we were working on getting them there. I didn't offer residential services – so having them there to offer that looked like a good idea based on what I saw on TV. They were warm, open, friendly, and we had a good dialogue going between us.

Finally it's to the point where I have to fight fire with fire and I'm going to have to go on TV in order to gain a presence to get some help for these women that are calling me more and more each month. Only when I start calling the news stations they tell me “we already did our story for the year on prostitution with Annie” so now I'm getting doors blocked to me to get on TV even because of her work. Now if we could “coordinate” it would be easier for me. Like she could take one station and I could take another – but to do this requires her and I talk to each other. I keep trying to talk to her – and I keep not being answered.

Then I see her asking for money to open “Destiny House”. Only I had a man I knew who had a house he couldn't sell.  He wanted to donate it so he could stop paying taxes and trash and insurance. But I didn't have a 501c3. I figured great solution – they could get the house donated. So I started trying to get ahold of her again – only to find out she didn't have a 501c3 status. Okay but Benny did. So I reached out to him – and also got nothing. This was a HUGE house with a guest house and room for trailers. But now I can't reach anyone and I don't have a 501c3. So all the money they're raising could go for other things – but no one will speak to me.  In other words, I have a perfect house valued at $500,00 this guy wants to donate and donate now - and I can't get them to return my calls about it.  

Now a few times I had victims wind up homeless. I had no money for a motel. I can't get the churches now to help me because of Annie's media campaign. She's now listed on the Polaris website – but I'm not.  So people go to look me up  to verify who I am when I'm calling for help for these people being ignored also by Annie and when don't find me – they find her. They tell me “call Annie for help” and hang up on me.  I do eventually find a way to deal with this – but it was a pain. Each time I had a woman like this on my couch and I needed emergency housing – I would call her, call Heather and call Pastor Perez – and I'd get the wall of nothing.  But they're still fund raising and telling people they're “helping prostitutes”.  But the reality is - they weren't.  Just the ones THEY wanted to help.  

Suddenly I see a big news article saying that “Destiny House has opened”. It said they had “14 beds, counselors on staff, and a safe location”. Great – because that same day I had a rare thing happen. Four women had ganged up on their pimp, knocked him out, and ran.  So they had no money, no ID, no car, and I have four women who now need residential help in my lap.   I can't drive them to programs in Los Angeles or Phoenix that has housing because at that time my car had been totally trashed by the 2007 press conference we gave revealing that sex trafficking happens in legal brothels. After that news and Melissa saying I was “calling to outlaw the industry” behind my back – well my outreach car was trashed. So this is perfect timing.  Four homeless prostitutes that can't file trafficking complaints, I have no car - and I see this house has opened so I'm thinking "perfect timing".

I called the number for the house and said “I got four women who need beds”. I could hear “dead quiet” on the other end of the line.   Suddenly I'm getting told “let me call you back” over and over. Finally someone gets on the phone and tells me “there is no house”.  I'm like “but but but I just read this article in the news”.

She said “the news jumped the gun – we were SUPPOSED to get the house but the deal fell through because the man donating the house wanted to be able to visit the women too – wink wink”. Okay gotcha.  But wait a minute – if he's “donating” the house – what about the money that was donated to buy the house?  As I started asking questions – this woman cut off the call.  I then literally saw the websites disappearing. The website for the house disappeared. The website for the counselors disappeared.   Everything was being taken down – even the news article about the grand opening disappeared off line.

Now I'm confused because I'm also reading that “Destiny House” had opened months ago. I get told by a woman at the church that there was a small house Pastor Perez had rented until the donated house could be moved into – but that they had complaints from the neighbors and so they had to close that house down.

Okay fine but I'm thinking in a church of 1,000's of members like Pastor Perez has got SOMEONE can put these women up somewhere.  So I started trying to get ahold of him so maybe their church could help me find help for these women - and NO ONE WILL CALL ME BACK.   I even asked one of these women "here use your cell phone, call these people, tell them you need help and ask them to call you back".  We get NOTHING.  

The whole time I'm listening to her interviews – nothing changes.   I'm hearing a lot of statistics – but I'm not hearing WHAT her program is.  I mean people aren't donating because she changed her life and to pay her rent.  People are donating because they think she's out helping others.  Now just having a "house" isn't a "program" either.   I mean if all you needed to do was provide a hooker with a house and they'd be “cured” of all prostitution – then they'd all be out because they all have homes to begin with.

Love? They have “love” and they're still hooking. I mean I know what it took for US to develop a program that WORKED and it took us YEARS to develop a program that worked for the people we work with.  So no I don't believe she just quits herself and suddenly is now able to help others to quit when I'm also frankly not seeing that she's ever worked a job.  I'm seeing her fund raise. I'm seeing  how she used all this publicity to get herself a husband who now takes care of her who was related to Pastor Perez.

But I'm sorry if you don't know how to get a job, how to keep a job, and how to live on a budget that's making in a week what you used to make in an hour – I don't know HOW she's possibly going to be able to help anyone.  I mean how is she going to show these women how to work a job IF SHE'S NOT WORKING A JOB.   Now in SWA if we need to teach someone something - we have a member who does it show them how.  I've worked jobs.  I've made resumes.  I've done interviews.  So I can show people how to do these things.  All I'm seeing from the news is Annie taking this publicity, using it to get money for herself, a book deal for herself, and a husband.  Me?  I wrote a book about us by us for us - our Recovery Guide.  I didn't write MY memoirs - I wrote the "Recovery Guide" that our members use to help themselves that includes their stories.  Our radio program has interviews with our members to tell THEIR stories.  All I'm seeing out of Annie is Annie making a life for Annie.  

You'd think it would die down – but it gets worse. I'm getting more and more of these 5 day notice calls and that's when I start getting really angry because frankly I'm being used.  I could have written off a few in the early days as growing pains.  But now it's clear - she's doing the fund raising and the public speaking and dancing off with a check WHILE I'M DOING THE WORK and dealing with the consequences.   NOW I'M MAD.

She knows I'm not going to turn these women away.  But when the Dream Center stopped taking my calls – that's when I got even more angry.  I don't have a husband paying my bills.  My time is short.   So I just saw all that work go right down the drain.   In fact, by the time her show starts filming for Bravo everyone in Vegas STOPS taking my calls. The Salvation Army stops taking my calls. Metro stops taking my calls. The Nevada US Attorney stops taking my calls. Suddenly Annie is the new “darling” of Nevada and I can't get a return phone call because everyone wants to be on the Bravo show with Annie to get publicity.  Screw the work - we want on TV.  Because while she's being filmed - I'm the one with hookers who have escaped their pimps sitting on my couch telling me Annie's not calling them back either and that's why they called me.

Because I tried that again also. I still tried having the women themselves call from their cell phones and not mention my name in case this was personal against me.  Identify themselves as prostitutes and talk to her about the help they needed NOW. These women now are leaving their names and cell phones numbers and now she's not returning THEIR phone calls.  Okay now we're in scam territory. Because she's going around fund raising telling people she's “saving prostitutes”. Only I'm now witnessing prostitutes calling her desperately asking for help – and I'm not seeing them get a return phone call. Because here's what's happening - these prostitutes see her on TV and want help.  They reach out for help to her and don't get it.  So they look a little deeper - and find us.  They reach out to me and get me.   So now I have these women sitting in my living room saying "help me" because of what Annie promised.  Only now what am I going to do about it?  I can't get Pastor Perez on the phone either. He won't see me when I go down to the church and demand to see him.  I even went down on a Sunday and tried to see Benny in person - and got thrown out of the church.  

Now I had started talking to some producers about doing a “reality” show about all of this with another station because I'm seeing that clearly people only want to help if they're going to be on TV - so fine I'll put them on TV if that's what it takes.  But then suddenly THEY stop returning my calls. That's when I find out they're going to be filming Annie and the other company doesn't want to go up against her show.

Why?  I ask the producers why her show's more important than ours.  Well frankly she's much funnier TV than we are is what he tells me. We're doing very serious dark work. Annie's running around the strip like a nut case and people are roaring with laughter when they see her do this. In other words, she was making us a laughing stock but because it's better TV they're going to put her show on over ours which would just be depressing.  It was so bad that when I'd be in an NA meeting people would say “you're not that nut job Annie are you?” and once I'd say “no” they'd sigh and say “thank God” and then proceed to tell me how hard they laughed at her clips on TV.  But it's the laughs the producers want because that means eyeballs on the screen.

But then I hear this reality series is now partnering her with the Dream Center to open the house – so now I know why they're not returning my calls. They're now part of her reality series.  Again, all that work I'd done is now trashed.   Okay problem is it's all a lie. When I saw there was no house – I saw her continuing to speak like it was open. I saw Pastor Perez continue to take money because hes' "restructuring" he can.  But I know they won't answer the calls not just from me – but also from the prostitutes themselves now calling for help. That makes what they're doing fraud.  The donors think they're working with prostitutes - and they may be - one or two.  But they sure aren't doing what they'd leading people to believe they're doing - not by a long shot.  To top it off - they're handicapping me who is.  This isn't right.  So yes I'm angry - who wouldn't be?

I wrote to Bravo and the producers and I told them the show was basically a fraud and I was going to report them to the FCC if they continued to air this nonsense. I mean she's literally shown walking up to hookers in hotel lobby's going “psst – the cops are out tonight and hey you want to come get out of prostitution?” like it's a drug deal or something.   The show shows her doing outreach NOT the program - BECAUSE THERE IS NO PROGRAM.   People are donating to help this? Well  Bravo pulls the show after one episode aired because they realized they got a pig in  a poke too.  

It's not over however. Tom Ragan from the Review Journal calls me about doing a story on trafficking programs. Okay we do an interview. He asks me “why aren't you talking to Annie?” and "why aren't you partnering with Annie?"   I said “you tell me – she won't return my calls”.  So he interviewed her and then called me back.  I asked him “did she tell you why she won't return my calls?”  He said “yep”.  Okay “why?”   “She said it was because you were mean to her.” and with that he cracked up laughing at how absolutely immature and unprofessional that sounded out of her.  I then said “darn right I'm MEAN to her – the woman is conning people out of money and dumping the work on my head while smearing me all over town so darn right I'm angry and going to let her know it too”.  He laughed.

When everything hit the fan with Pastor Perez filing bankruptcy and the house not opening – guess who got left to actually help the prostitutes who thought they were going to get help from them? Me again.  You know it's real easy for them to cut these women off, tell them "trust God" and all that KNOWING that I'm the safety net.   But then not to help me be that safety net - well it's just wrong.  It's like going into a nice restaurant, eating all you want and then saying "it's okay HE will pay the bill and handing me the check".  It's not right.

Now granted I saw Polaris drop Annie's listing and they put mine up so that's turning around because people are finally catching on to the game  – but in the meantime we've taken some serious knocks. I got Judge Voy not taking my calls because Annie's helping him with his fundraising.  Fund raising for a house with 14 beds for teens that's NOT going to solve the problem for teens or adults.   I mean he sees 14 girls in one day. Fourteen beds isn't going to solve the 100's of hookers and strippers in Nevada that need help. Help now – not a year from now when the house is built either.  But in the meantime - I'm being blocked from providing help to those young women NOW because of all of this.  We have a program now, members now, meetings now, and we can be sending those members in to work with those young girls NOW - but instead everyone is putting their energy into fund raising and doing so by telling the media and the donors "nothing exists" which is baloney.  

Can I sue?  First of all there's no money judgment to win.  What attorney does this with no financial reward?  Meaning I'd have to hire an attorney.  Hiring an attorney is at least a $5,000 retainer.  Then the case becomes public record.  That means my real legal name is on it.  Because these are well known people I sue them and then I get my face splashed all over as the "person who sued Annie and Pastor Perez".  Oh yeah I need publicity like that like a hole in the head.   I need that so bad I'm going to go plunk down $5000 to an attorney just to have that fun ride.  No thank you.  Besides, I got people to take care of and don't have the time.

So when the dust hit the fan – does she help me with this workload?  No – she runs off to Africa for a while and acts like nothing is wrong.  What burned my butt is she never apologized to these women who felt betrayed and exploited nor did she apologize to me and my daughter. I'm now dealing with women hurt by a pimp – and now feeling hurt by her and the church. So now we got extra problems even to deal with. I'm not happy.

I've tried to get her to apologize to these women – and she does not.  So that's why I'm so “mean” to Annie Lobert.

Yes I looked into filing fraud criminal charges.  The attorney said I had to PROVE she did not help any prostitutes for the money donated.   To do that, I have to obtain records of the prostitutes she spoke to, interview them as to what was done, etc. and those interviews would be "public record".   Meaning to prosecute her, or anyone, for fraud I'd have to break the anonymity of a prostitute.   I can't do that to these women and call that "helping" them.  Yes let's brand a prostitute as the one who filed charges against Annie.  So oh well. 

Now I'm going to just "flip the script here for a moment".  Let's say I'm a "horrible mean person" who is "out of my mind" and "crazy" and have some "personal problem with Annie" and I'm even making all of this up for some reason about what happened - let me ask you something - since I'm a trafficking survivor, child of God, recovering addict, and essentially I am the person she's representing to all these people she's "trying to help" - then why oh why is she NOT calling me then even to offer me any help?   She knows I've had a stroke.  She knows I've gone through a 2nd divorce.  She knows my daughter has a brain tumor and was hit by a car which broke her back.  I've not even gotten so much as an "I'll pray for your daughter" or a condolence card when my mother or grandmother died.  Nothing.  So this means that Annie will only help the victims who are "nice" to her?  That she "likes".  Oh come on Jesus taught us to "love our enemies" - so give me a break here.  My problem isn't with Annie.  My problem is that she's getting to eat in the nice restaurant - and I'm getting stuck with paying the tab AND washing the dishes and that's just not fair. 

Especially when every time I've had to stand up to the brothel people - she's been nowhere in sight.   I found out when this was being heard.   I had an ex-brothel prostitute show up at this meeting to go up head to head against George after all the other 45 "abolition" groups had left the building, and she gave her testimony about what happens in the brothels, while I had read a letter on behalf of others who had worked in brothels about what they wanted to help them recover and to ask them NOT to pass this and it was US who wound up without power, lights, cable, phone, TV, or internet for three days after this win in retaliation for what we did - and it was Aubrey who had to relocate out of Nevada because of the death threats she got for testifying - and ANNIE WAS NOWHERE when we did this.  NOWHERE.  Except taking a bow while we had a target on us and got this defeated.  So think about that the next time you want to cut this woman a donation.

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