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Sunday, July 19, 2015


NBC knows exactly what they're doing with this show.  They've been doing it for a while.  I've been butting heads with them for a few years now about this propaganda campaign of theirs so I know they know exactly what they're doing and they don't care what sex workers think.  They don't care about the truth either.  Their shows are deliberate frauds.  I even served one show with a "cease and desist" notice not to move forward before the show aired - they aired anyway.  When I slapped them with a notice to remove the articles - they responded with more fraud. 

The problem has been the FCC says they can "air whatever they want" unless I can prove "criminal intent" and "conspiracy".  To do that - I had to "follow the money" so to speak.  I have to also prove they were aware what they filmed was false.  It's one thing to know something and another to be able to prove it.  Especially when live witnesses get threatened and therefore can't be used in the case or it will fold.  You also have to show they did this with "malice".  Plus money has to actually have been defrauded out of someone to prove fraud.  As for defamation - you have to prove someone was damaged and the damage has to be measured in dollars.

Sex workers can't claim they've had their "reputation damaged" which makes them a perfect target.  Also, how can they claim monetary damages when their income is criminal?  The trick has been how to show that someone like me has been damaged economically - and prove it.  However, I now can. 

But when I started to put together the lawsuit - it appeared that the conspiracy was only about me.  I had to show that it wasn't about me personally.  That wasn't so easy.  So I had to make a list of groups that do what I do and show how they were targeted the same.  The only other group that "does what I do" even close is Children of the Night who does for teens what I do for adults. 

You'll notice they don't mention our program nor Children of the Night in the NBC show you're protesting.  As well as a few other groups.  What our groups have in common vs. the groups they show on this show is that our groups are NOT under the thumb of law enforcement.  However, each one of the groups they do feature in this series, and others, is under the thumb of law enforcement.   CON and SWA both do NOT accept federal grant money nor do we accept money from the Catholic Church to block victims of trafficking from seeing a doctor for fear they'll hear the word abortion.

The petition is a great idea - but NBC will wipe their noses with it.  However, I'm preparing a lawsuit and a criminal complaint that will show this is part of a larger conspiracy which can either get NBC's license to air revoked, or at least a hefty fine.  If I can get five more people to join me on the defamation lawsuit - then I can ask for $1,000,000 in damages both punitive and real.

Here's a copy of a letter I just sent Maxine Doogan about my view of the situation.

PS - I've also started a site at if you have anyone you'd like to submit for posting.

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