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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kamylla and "8 Minutes"

About a year ago, I got a call from a man claiming to be Kevin Brown's assistant.  He told me how Kevin Brown had been a cop for 20 years and then upon retiring "found God" and then went out to "save prostitutes" through a trafficking outreach.  When I asked how he did this - he said Kevin would call prostitutes out to a motel room like they were going on a date.  Then he would offer them a chance to leave with him to go to a ranch he had in New Mexico where they would get "rehabilitated".  He claimed that women he had "saved" would be in the hotel room with him speaking to the prospective prostitute to assure them it was the "real deal". 

I knew it was bullshit right there.  For one thing - trafficking victims don't get sent to hotel rooms without the client being "screened" first or "known".  The reason is simple - so that if the woman disappears the pimps know right where to go to find their victim and return her back to the fold.  So I asked the guy (I can't remember his name) what he did when the trafficker came to get their victims back?  He sounded stumped and just started stuttering.  Not a reaction he was used to getting when he told this story clearly.

Now I've worked with trafficking victims - and trust me it took me YEARS to learn how to effectively stop these victims from returning back like homing pigeons since most are brainwashed.  If they don't return to their original pimp - they will often recreate the same scenario elsewhere.  It's their "programming".  There's others who have "Stockholm Syndrome" that takes just as long to learn to treat as it takes to learn deprogramming from cult deprogrammers as I did when I started our program because of seeing this problem in action. 

So I asked where he got his training in how to get these women to leave the industry successfully.  He started stuttering again.  I pointed out it took me years of training, and I had to travel to get a lot of that, and an extensive mentor board I created to get our program to be able to effectively help others leave the industry and not return.  I mean you don't just take someone to a ranch in NM - bop them on the head and voila they're not prostitutes anymore.  What was the process he was using?  I got no answers.  When I asked to see the ranch and meet these success stories to see this for myself with my own eyes - he couldn't get off the phone fast enough. 

So of course "8 Minutes" was staged.  You know why?  A true "trafficking victim" CAN'T say "okay sure I'll go with you" after meeting a strange man for eight minutes in a hotel room.  A "real" victim usually has a family member who is threatened with harm, or murder, if they don't return.  With me - they threatened to kill my mother and grandmother if I screwed up or went against them.  I've seen women who have their children threatened.  Linda Lovelace said her pimp threatened to kill her parents if she didn't cooperate.  So how could someone who is a victim of trafficking just up and say "okay sure I'll go off somewhere" with you by making a choice to do so?  The ability TO make a choice and say "okay sure I'll let you help me" makes them a PROSTITUTE not a VICTIM OF TRAFFICKING. 

But I didn't have PROOF until I got the call on April 13, 2015 from a woman calling herself "Claudia".  During this call she claimed to have been the "only woman with a foreign accent" who was filmed on the show "8 Minutes".  She claimed she was contacted by the producers from an old ad on Backpage she'd run for prostitution when she was "down on her luck" months before.  They offered her $200 to pretend to be a currently working prostitute.   Her husband was given another $200 to pretend to be a pimp.  At the end of the show she said she really wanted help to find work and asked if they knew anyone that could help.  She asked for more money supposedly to pay her late rent and they refused to help her. 

She said she was from Brazil and after not getting more money from the producers she then placed another ad on Backpage.  Then she says she got busted for prostitution and placed in a program run by Kathryn Griffin Townsend where she was attending weekly classes.  She says she was attending these classes and then couldn't look for work which caused her to get behind on the rent again.  Now she said she was going to be evicted in two days and she claimed she had no money for legal help of any kind.  She also said she was worried that she might be deported over this mess.  During the phone call she confessed her name was not "Claudia" but another name.   I asked her why she had not told the press about the show being faked and she claimed she had been threatened if she did tell - she'd be deported in retaliation.  I assured her it was not that easy to deport someone out of spite and there were ways to keep her in the country.  Ways that included suing the production company and Kevin Brown which would keep her in the country while the lawsuit was ongoing which could take years to resolve.

So I told her we could sue them on the behalf of all who appeared on the show for defamation and their constitutional rights being violated.  She brought up the confidentiality agreement.  I told her this was rendered invalid when they violated their constitutional rights and that such a contract was not enforceable unless they pay her extra for that confidence which they had not.  Therefore, you also can't have someone sign away their right to free speech - especially if they have not contracted to do so.  Therefore, any way you look at it she was not bound to silence.

I told her we could "stay" the eviction in the morning, I knew lawyers who could probably get her whole case dismissed, we could probably keep her in the country, and get her some nice cash in her pocket by suing the producers and Kevin Brown.  During this call she then told me what was her "real" name supposedly.  That's why I haven't put that tape online yet - it because I don't know how to edit out the name she said was her "real" name. 

She never faxed me over any of her paperwork that evening she promised.  Not the eviction notice, nor anything about her arrest.  In the morning however, I got a call from two attorney's.  One saying she was handling her immigration matter out of New Jersey and the other saying she was handling her prostitution arrest out of Texas. 

However, neither of these attorney's matched what they were saying.  They said they had her paperwork and they represented her already - meaning she had lied to me about not having any legal representation.   It made no sense to me why she was asking me to help her find a laywer if she already had two.  Many people don't realize this but if your case runs "over" and you're out of money - the lawyers can't just bail out on you. 

Also, her claim she "needed money to get a lawyer" wouldn't make sense either as she has two attorney of record now clearly.  Meaning she can't just go out and get another lawyer to handle the same legal matters if she already has one working on that matter.  There has to be a substitution of attorney - and it's just not that easy.  I'm speaking as someone who has been a paralegal now for over 30 years mind you.  It also doesn't make sense her fear of not having an attorney.  To stop representing her on a matter simply because of money they can't just walk away.  They have to appear before a judge and get approval which isn't granted if it harms her rights and there's no public defender that can replace them.  But both these lawyers were trying frantically to urge me not to say anything online about the show being staged.  They were warning me she "might be deported" if we crossed the producers.  What I couldn't understand was why were they all over me not to say anything to the press - when she was clearly on the phone with everyone from the press.  I mean I counted over 10 reporters already she'd spoken to while the show was on the air! 

I then spoke to a few reporters who told me they also knew the show was staged.  When I asked why they weren't writing about this being true - they said they had been warned that if this woman released the truth to the press she'd be deported.  Okay let me get this straight - this woman is terrified of the press leaking the story but she's called now how many reporters?  That makes no sense at all.  Clearly the woman wanted the story leaked - so why pretend she didn't? 

The story was starting to stink.  She said the show with her face hadn't aired yet - so here was no way to know if she'd even been on the show other than a contract from the producers or a copy of the check.  I asked the reporters if anyone had seen a contract or a copy of the check.  They all said "no" and one said she'd been told the woman was Russian - not from Brazil. 

I then asked if anyone had even seen an ID from the woman - and they said "no".  I'm sorry but Relativity Media also produces "Catfish" so if anyone knows how to fake a person - this guy does.  As I'm getting ready to release a statement the show was "faked" - I get this woman online out of nowhere urging me not to because "she is going to be deported".  As she says this to me I'm wondering how she knows what I'm thinking of doing.

I look on this profile that at first appears to be a 20ish Latina woman.  Only her profile has Billy Graham as a favorite.  No 20 year old Latina I know even knows who he is.  I then simply wrote the word "catfish" on this person's wall.   At that point a joke about me appeared on the page comparing me to a lizard.  That was funny actually.  Then the woman's profile completely changed.  The name changed and the profile photos as well.   That's when I knew a "catfish" had been trying to urge me not to release the information the show had been staged with the proof I now had. 

I released the letter speaking about the call from "Claudia" only that wasn't her name.  Suddenly this woman is claiming that two active sex workers contacted her, claimed I had "violated her confidentiality" and that they were going to help her through this process.  I hadn't violated her anonymity as that wasn't her name, she wasn't going to be deported as it was obviously a ruse, and I figured "knock yourself out" if you want active sex workers to help you quit the industry and deal with the courts instead of someone with 30 years success at it instead. 

But then they started lying about me.  Considering they said no one had been willing to help this woman - why were they bashing the one group who did.  I went again to the reporters who all confirmed no one had seen an ID, a copy of the check or contract, nor any papers like the police report to confirm her story. 

I went to the court calendar.  She was saying she "had a hearing coming up".  I typed in the name she told me was her "real" name and nothing came up.  I then used just the last name.  Nothing came up. I then looked for any female with a Hispanic name.  Nothing came up.   Houston publishes their prostitution arrests - and reading the arrests over the time period she says she was arrested - there's no report of a lone woman arrested off a Backpage ad.  I then took the prostitution arrests and cross-referenced with the eviction cases during April when she said she was being evicted  No matches.

In order to set her up like she claimed - the police can't do that alone.  They have to have a DA willing to prosecute.  I contacted the Houston DA's office and asked them "who handles your prostitution cases?"  I got told they have over 300 deputies and that they're all randomly selected.  No specific deputies handle prostitution cases as they're assigned randomly.   

So how would the cops arresting her know they'd get a DA who would uphold the arrest?  I then spoke to the court clerk.  I asked if they had any name at all that showed up in the eviction hearings as well as a prostitution arrest - and they said nothing was showing up under either the name she'd given me or any name.

I then spoke to the Vice Detective for Houston.  He told me that they don't have enough money to do a lone arrest in the manner she described and he had not heard of any case connected with "8 Minutes".  He hadn't even heard of the show.  This detective then told me that because of financial strains they have to do multiple stings at one time for prostitution arrests.  This was born out by the news which carries the listings of all arrested for prostitution.  You'll notice they all appear to be multiple arrests.  A lone arrest here is rare. 

I then went to speak to Houston's SWOP chapter.  I asked if they'd met this woman and knew if she was "for real".  Honestly they should be doing the fund raiser for her - not Maxine out of California.  It's normally done that way because then local fund raisers can be held where the woman that's the recipient can meet with people in person to talk more about their plight.  No one answered me from the Houston SWOP chapter.

I spoke to local Houston SWA members who laughed when I told them the story.  They told me that if a woman from another country was arrested for prostitution - she would not even be out.  These members confirmed what I'm hearing across the country at jails everywhere - that when a non-American is arrested for anything they are held until Immigration determines if their visa is valid and they take their sweet time doing this because the jail gets paid for every day they hold someone.  They told me of people they know who have been held for months while they determine their visas are valid.  They told me they would have held this woman without bail - and then gone to arrest her husband for pimping her and take her kids into foster care in Houston would be the more typical story they'd seeing.  I spoke to some bail bondsmen and people who take AA meetings into the jails there who told me the same story.  No she hadn't said anything about being held without bail or Immigration even during her arrest.

I went to find Kathryn Griffin Townsend who supposedly runs these classes she was attending weekly.  All news clippings for this program stop about October of 2014.  The vice detective nor the DA knew anything about such a program currently running.  When I tried to reach Kathryn - I couldn't even find a phone number for her let alone this program that was active now.  All I could find was a reference on her LinkedIn page she was a "consultant to the jails".  So I contacted the Houston jail.  No one knew what I was talking about.  They hadn't heard of any program Kathryn was running any longer.  Her "Been There Done That" they said they didn't know about but heard she was "focusing on her voter registration drive".  When I asked if anyone knew how to reach her at the jail - no one had any idea.  I contacted the Houston Sheriff who also had no idea.

I'm sorry but if there was a diversion program of some kind Kathryn was currently running that this woman was "attending weekly" as she claimed I'm sure I would have found a website, a phone number, or something where someone would know what I'm talking about.  I left a facebook message with Kathryn to contact me about the issue.  I haven't heard from her because her facebook was talking about a fishing trip she was on.   Again, if she was running a program this woman was a part of - I think she would have called me back or responded by now.  It looks like she's busy with family and doing HIV testing from what her site is talking about on facebook. 

I called Relativity Media.  They turned me over to Stacey at a PR firm.  She told me quote "we will not confirm nor deny if this woman was even on the show".  I said "let me get this straight - this woman could be a complete fraud out there raising money by saying she was on your show and even though you know this is a complete lie you're not going to deny she was on the show to me now?"  To which she repeated "I'm not going to confirm or deny if she was on the show".  I then said "I'm not looking for a comment or a quote.  I'm not asking you to speak about what she's saying as true or not.  I'm asking you only and simply to say yes or no as to whether or not she was even filmed on this show?"  To which Stacy repeated again "we will not confirm or deny this woman being on the show". 

So they're not exactly claiming her that's for sure.   Maxine Doogan says this is a "verified" fund raiser.  She also spoke about a "good attorney" that Kamylla now has.  One who is there was any case still hanging over her head would tell her to remove her statements online about the case and to quit speaking to people about it immediately.  However, she's still out there talking about it - saying she has a "hearing coming up soon". 

I challenged the "Cupcake Girls" to show me they did "due diligence" to prove the story this woman was telling was true or not.  They refused to confirm they had.  However, to fund raise while lobbying for bills with the legislature is a violation of their very 501c3 guidelines.  When I challenged them for proof their fund raiser had verified the story of this woman - they refused to give me any assurance they had.

So I'm going to put out there - has anyone got a copy of her police report, proof of a court date coming up as she claims, a copy of eviction papers, something that proves anything about her story is in fact valid?

Every time I start bringing up the need for some kind of proof - another campaign starts up callng me "crazy" or a "predator" to try and confuse attention.  It's okay.  Everyone who raped me said I was "crazy" and "don't listen to her".  My father to this day insists that he never laid a finger on me and that I hallucinated years of abuse.  For years he had my own family convinced I was falsely accusing him until they started hearing his stories falling apart over time.   When I told everyone Elizabeth Adams was a "snitch" they said I was crazy - until she got Heidi Fleiss arrested 10 years later while working as a madam during that whole time period.  When I told people that Samoly Mam was a fraud - I was accused of being "crazy" and "jealous".  When I first stepped up on the first talk show stage speaking about witnessing sex trafficking and Iran Contra - I had people saying I was "crazy".  Well then we saw Oliver North and the Congressional hearings and now we have the Trafficking Act of 2000 we saw passed. 

So I'm used to being called "crazy" until I get the black and white proof in hand.  So - anyone got it?  Anyone have proof this story is for real? 

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